14,000 Miles Short

Let’s rejoice… I am home, and it only took like ten hours to get from Seth’s to my place. Why?

Well, Seth and I did some errands around town, trying to get outfits for his theme party. After dropping him off for work, I had planned to go home, do laundry and get ready for the party, amoung some other things.

As I drove home, I revelled in the fact that soon I would be the owner of a fabulous Dephi SkyFi XM Satellite radio which I would have installed in my car, be so happy, etc. I talked to my brother about it and just moments after getting off of the phone with him, I notice my car acting up. The more gas I give the car, the slower it goes. It gets to the point that it is no longer on and I am cruising along now at 20 mph instead of 55 mph. My car is dead. Tow truck picks me up and… crap, too tired. more later.

Ok. Well there is actually a little more to the story.

I walked from my car to Martinelli Winery to get something to drink while I waited for the tow truck, and while I made the calls. Thank God for Cingular Roadside Assistance. AAA totally failed me. They were doing wine tastings, only 10 more days or so! I cannot wait.

So tow truck hottie picks me up and drives me, and my recently deceased car, to Wood Mazda in Santa Rosa.

A Mazda guy “greets” me by telling me to leave my keys in the box and they would call me on Monday… I explained to him that service like that would not work for me. No rental car? No courtesy car? No one to take a quick look to see what might be wrong? My car is under warranty, treat me properly. Mike called me back, he said he will pick me up from the dealership.

I walked into the General Manager’s office, he was much nicer. We went out to my car, he put the key in the ignition and… it turned on. We drove it around for a while, no problems. He figures there was some electrical glitch with the fuel delivery system. He tells me it might be fine but I can leave it there if I want to.

I drive off, get about 30 feet from the dealership and the car dies, no power steering, no brakes… I glide back into the dealership and just about 10 feet from crashing into the giant glass walls of the main office, I hit the emergency break. That makes an entrance…

So my car will be fix, hopefully, by Monday afternoon.

Mike picks me up, drives me to his place and we play some games until his boy, Kevin, showed up. Kevin reminded me of several people but the dominant person was Landon. He was funny, adorable and really nice. And now that I think about it… Mike and Kevin are probably reading this, yikes, that is a bit embarassing. Oh well, my life it out there, enjoy it my peeps… haha, I love Kirstie Alley!

We went to U & I for sushi. It was f’ing delicious. Seriously, Mike is such a gentleman, I sound like an old widow… Oh well, bottom line, Mike is a fantastic guy, a man’s man of sorts… and a cunt. Oops… haha, yeah… awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard…

Around nine he brought me to Seth’s, there everyone was getting read for the Celebrity Party… After my day, I just was not in the mood. Some other things were annoying me too, so I headed out, via taxi, to Forestville.

What a ride, and what a great talker I am, got my fare reduced to $30 instead of $57.50… The entire time in the cab my driver complained about the government, taxes, doctors, lawyers, professors, psychologists… pretty much everyone more intelligent than him. Which is to say e complained about most everyone. I neglected to say that I was a psychology major when he called them “enablers” and even kept quiet when he claimed that 1/3 of gay men have HIV.

Quite the colorful ride home.

Now, a day after I first started writing this post, I am sitting in my recently cleaned house watching the rich people drive by my house, they are “summering” here for a while. There are some really attractive people “summering” here right now… haha.

Hopefully Barbara from work will be able to get me a ride to work on Monday. Let’s hope! I have to train on Monday!

Much love

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