Dear me! Wherever do we find each other these days?

I am back at the doctor. Possible strep throat, sweet tits, plus my knee still is fucked up since Pride. Hopefully we can kill at least two birds with one stone. The wait is one hour, but I have been here about forty minutes so possibly not much longer to go.

So what’s new? Let’s think…

I bitched at three managers at work until they gave me more hours. I have been working only 15 hours a week, which is bullshit. Now I get about 35 hours a week which is so fabulous. Now I have money to do the fun things in life.

Speaking of fun things! We got all done up for Popscene the other night, it was so much fun. We were themed, all white. We were the white cult ha-ha. People came up to us asking if we were promoters or something… nah, we just love the themes, even random weird ones like that.

Seth bought me a pair of white pants for the night, how sweet! LoL

They are really fun; I have never had white pants. I totally want a sailor outfit… We are planning to do a Clockwork Orange themed Halloween. That could be fun!

Popscene was a total blast. We got there to a huge-o-mondus line. But we were in good company, two girls from England. We talked about all sorts of randomness, the differences and similarities between the two cultures, etc etc. I thought it was pretty funny how they wanted to go to an American club (like you see in movies and music videos) but ended up at a British Pop Music club ha-ha. They were so cute! One is off to Manchester for school next semester.

Speaking of the English, the terror attack there came to me at such a surprise. Landon was just there, however he was in Sweden when the attack occurred. Now he is on his way or already in Istanbul. I sure hope he takes pictures, what a fun place to visit. Not the friendliest place I could think of going but that is half the fun.

Speaking of the English, Seth and I have been watching Family Guy and Strangers with Candy like it was our job. We have seen all the episodes but still, it is fun. My favorite episode has got to be the one where Stouie is playing the part of Henry Higgins, teaching this English toddler how to speak. Hilarious!

You wretched, wretched woman!

Back to Popscene. There place was packed, as usual, and hot, as usual, and smelly. Yeah, this guy was wearing clothes pretty much covering his entire body and the smells that came out of the creases of his clothes was atrocious. My God! We had to leave the upper dance floor. The only thing worse than his smell was his dancing.

Another story from another day… Seth and I get home late one night and see a naked guy in his roommate’s window, not his roommate. Then we see a half naked girl run from the bathroom to the vacant roommate’s bedroom. Turns out this girl (who is engaged to another guy who is in Iraq) is sleeping with this guy (who is a little terd-box with a girlfriend of his own).

What else…

Got a call from Andy from Denver who Seth and I met at San Francisco Pride. He is really nice! Too bad we did not get to hang out with them some more. Stupid cell phone!

I got the new Shakira, Anna Nalick and The White Stripes CD’s. So far all of them are pretty good. I love Shakira’s voice!

Girl aforementioned has an intoxicating voice. She is an opera singer, holy fuck; a single tear fell from my right eye as chills raised the hairs on my arms.

Remind me again why urgent care clinics suck… Never mind that, all the evidence I need sits next to, across and diagonal from me. Honestly though, I quite like the people on either side of me.

Once told I had an hour wait (now it has been that hour) before I was shown to the doctor, I headed next door to see Megan. She was not home, tear, so I went in search of a smoothie place. The nearest one is way up the road on Mendocino Avenue, which sucks balls. Instead I went to Subway where this super hot straight guy serviced me, the way only a Subway employee could. Turkey on sourdough, delicious. I threatened Seth that I was going to Traverso’s for lunch, but I could not do that to him. We had a great little breakfast today. Just a simple bagel with cream cheese and olive, so delisous!

A mango citrus tiazzi sounds so pleasant right now. Too bad Starbucks stopped making them five years ago.

I guess this is really it for me right now. With only one doctor and one nurse, who knows how long this could take.

Love you all. Catch you later!

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