Sociopaths and Sad Songs

Look! Hopping around on my blogs and clicked a link from Joseph ‘s blog, Daily Dinosaur. Reminded me of Seth… oh no, now I am becoming bitter. As Coco Peru would say…

“Am I bitter? Of course!”

All credit for the original artwork goes to Daily Dinosaur

I have a song to post. It is a fabulous song from James Blunt entitled Goodbye Lover. This song goes out to all of those who are still thinking about the one they love who is no longer their’s… Holy crap, I’m turning into Delilah.

Thank goodness she does’nt have a show on XM Satellite Radio yet… That woman’s show is freaking depression. Be broken hearted and listen to her station… it is just painful. Either the ppl are so happy and in love and you get mad or they are working over losing a relationship and you are sad for them (and yourself). Geoff got me into her.

Here’s the song

One thought on “Sociopaths and Sad Songs

  1. Wow… also reminds me of Geoff… maybe him even more so. Still love you but…

    Anyways, who knows anything anyhow? Right?

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