Catching Up

Finally, I have arrived at Aroma’s with my computer in tow. Now, if only I could manage the other things on my list.

  1. Visit Jessica at Hopper Starbucks
  2. Go to the Gym regularly
  3. Start my new diet
  4. Clean out my car
  5. Figure out my next and current semester (living conditions and school)

Let’s stop the list there, perhaps I could make this entire post a to-do list, yuck.

Quick re-cap:

I have not seen Seth since my visit to Ikea with him. He got all crazy on me that night, brought me to this bizarre gay bar, not one populated with hot, young guys, one filled to the brim with scary, older guys. While at the bar, Seth and I kept our eyes locked on the bartender, each other or the floor, more and more our eyes seemed to catch.

After a few shots of Rumplemint, I got the nerves to ask Seth some tough questions. I am not happy with the answers I got, and perhaps he wasn’t quite drunk enough as the questions really pissed him off, though there were questions which deserved answers, answers I wish were different. Everything will work out, I do hope and pray. Y the end of the questioning, Seth had become the total asshole he can become and silence ensued… the entire walk to his apartment. We went to sleep, I woke up, he told me he had a good time with me and I agreed, pleasantries and then I was off to Santa Rosa for work!

That’s what that was all about, more or less.

I have been growing out my hair, carefully and slowly as to prevent that shag look. Dragging my eyelashes, it is getting pretty close to the point beyond awkward. Even still, I like it. Too bad there isn’t some magical hair growth serum, four inches of luscious locks in low to no time! Wouldn’t that be super?

Work has been great. I am through with two of my Starbucks training courses and I think there is only one left… not sure when I will take the class but I am told it will happen, hopefully soon. I cannot wait to be a shift manager, next step, assistant manager and then… the world. Haha!

Apparently I have become a bit famous around here in regards to Starbucks. There are a few options when my came comes up hehe. One group of people love me because I am a freak and read about Starbucks all the time, I am learning a lot and sharing my knowledge. However, some people hate to see me walk into their stores. If I see something “not up to standards”, I fix it. It may be as simple as turning a tumbler, putting a pound of Café Estima back in place… or maybe pointing out that on January 24th, we were to mark out all Christmas merchandise like CD’s. Is that so bad? Better me than a district manger or worse. The other group, I know of only three as of yet, know me because I go from Starbucks to Starbucks. I like to make appearances in various stores to get to know people; there are so many awesome people within the company. Some people are jerks but by far and by all means, most are great!

Let’s look at my social group…

Callie, Kayla, Jeana, Jennifer, and Shannon; met all of these people because of Starbucks, these are people that I have actually hung out with, outside work haha. I have lots of friends that seem to only exist while at work but these girls have broken that barrier. Then there are the other people I have met, Corey, Ryan, Billy, and Anthony. If not for Starbucks… Let’s not forget my Starbucks sensei, Matt; funny how my Starbucks trainer hated Starbucks so much.

Geoff is off in England, my mom is on her way there and I am stuck in California. My grandfather is not doing well, and I hope to move to Cayman this summer to finalize my citizenship. My brother is talking about me moving with him to Boston, he has a job there and there are a bazillion school I can go to out there, expensive but what’s living without debt? Bah, I have no debt, how awesome is that?

Well… no debt but barely so. My apartment costs me $650 a month, I work 30-50 hours a week and make about $50-90 in tips each week, which equates to my life is lived off of tips and the rest goes to my apartment and bills. $27 for Vonage (stupid taxes…), $89 for Cingular, $13 for a website subscription, and who knows how much for gas… How do people make it out here?

I tip my hat to those debt free bastards living a life of comfort out here, how did you do it?! I guess you are probably out of school and not a Barista at Starbucks, instead a victim of the Corporate Dream… I want to be that victim. 9-5 job with a bus or train commute, a dress shirt and tie, a mortgage and a little extra cash at the end of the month, how fantastic.

If you kiss somebody, you both can get some practice (Regina Spektor). Someone, please practice with me. It’s been a long while. Last guy I kissed was either Seth or Ryan… both ended very poorly. Ryan ignored me a few days later and Seth, well he was his-self.

The last time I talk about Starbucks, I “promise”… We were so fucking busy today! It was a blast but crazy. I got burned so badly and so many times thanks to these defective coffee travelers… bah to them!

Bumped into a really amazing (well, I like to believe he is as so) guy at Aroma’s the other night. He is “in a relationship” so that is too bad, if it is indeed true. People seem to use that liberally, and at times in the inversion (sad!).

This guy sitting next to me looks so familiar, I do wish I could think of from where I know him, it would make sitting here a little more fun to have someone to talk to, someone so cute! (wait, I just looked again, not so cute, not so familiar)

New music, must buys.

Panic! at the Disco is this amazing punk/pop band, like My Chemical Romance mixed with Fall Out Boy. Superior to either of these bands for sure.

Another good one, KT Tunstall… she is so good, I accidentally bought her album twice!

I have gotten a lot, lot more than that, but at this point, they stick out the most. Oh, also really enjoying Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins.

Oh oh! (I’m so crazy) You all really need to check out Pink’s new music video Stupid Girls. It is hella awesome (hehe, I wrote out “hella”).

Pink Stupid Girls

I am peacing outta here. Much love. Buy those artists I mentioned, especially Panic! at the Disco and KT Tunstall.

Pictures to accompany my post whenever I find the time and I promise to make the effort to post more often.

8 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. STARBUCKS IS THE DEVIL! You better stop becasue after a point there is no turning back! Being a manager for 10 years making an awful 40k a year putting up with the white trash crank addicts all day? No thanks!

  2. I’m really happy you finally decided to post. Haha, I’ve missed it. Anyways, I haven’t talked to you enough about Seth, so I don’t really know if it’d be better or worse for you to see him. Maybe its one of those so bad its good situations? Meh, aren’t they all?
    I’ve been really happy to spend time with you. It was weird because I was going into mini withdrawals because I hadn’t seen you for 2 days. This is going to be an interesting friendship, I can tell. I’ll try to stop making you straight when we’re out in public so sexy men can hit on you. Haha, I can’t help it Justin, you’re so irresistibly fun to be around and play around with.

  3. There’s this book I wanted to tell you about but I totally forgot the title of it right now. I’m sure sometime you’ve read it, or atleast heard about it. Its a who pulls herself out of her life and luxuries, and tries to see if she can live off minimum wage. She even juggles a couple of jobs and the such, but it really is hard. Yeah, Starbucks gives a bit above minimum wage, but once you become a shift it should be wonderful, eh?
    I second the kissing motion, but I don’t want to be a kissingwhore. We need to find ourselves some stable and sexy men Justin. Fo realz yo..

    From the little bit that I heard of Panic! at the disco, or whatever their name is, I really enjoyed it. I’m actually going to go visit you at work now. Haha, Love you!

  4. Sorry, it would have all been in one thing, but major shiznit happened.. Listen to Matt. Don’t let starbucks suck you in.

  5. That book is Nickle and Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich. Its a classic book. I also recommend her other book Bait and Switch. She’s very liberal and I can’t say I agree with everything she has to say but these books are dead on…and as far as being a shift supervisor? Who can afford to live on $9.50/hr?

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