Juice Time!

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I’m sitting in the living room, about to go to sleep, gotta get a post out first though, love this Writely thing… No seriously though, it will allow me to post to my blog from anywhere (nothing new) and have it aved as a hard format I can easily transport later, as well as posing it to the MySQL server my site reads from. How wonderful? Oh, and the logo at the top was created by Alex P’s Web2.0 Logo Creator.

Our television is tuned to our DVR on which I recorded a Keane concert from Chicago off of the HDNet channel. Imagine listening to Keane with fabulous speakers and seeing it sparkle on a 42inch plasma high definition channel! It is incredible.

Landon flew out today for London and then to Poland. I cried at the idea that we would not talk to each other before he flew out, things weren’t working in our favor, but finally today we caught each other right before he boarded the plane. It is in times like these that you are able to see fully how much you care for a person.

In other news, I picked up that Juiceman Juicer right? Today I consumed, drum roll please?

4 plums
3 oranges
2 bananas
8 carrots
2 apples
6 raspberries

I also had four poached eggs (two for breakfast, two for dinner) on whole wheat english muffins (two total) with ham and turkey slices I roasted in the oven on the muffins. Incredible. So simple and yet so wonderfully fulfilling. I want to add some asiago cheese to mix, Gerbes disappointed. I had a turkey sandwich on wheat for lunch.

I feel so much better with this new diet plan, I don’t feel gross after eating and I seem to get full more quickly and the feeling lasts so much longer.

Work was short, I was scheduled to close, but also to open the next day. I also have class tomorrow! Ahhhhhhhhh! I’m so excited and yet, so frightened of this school year. I need to figure otu how much I can work and still be successful in my studies. This semester, I hope to open myself up to more people, make some new friends, expand my connections, have a wonderfully large network, as I used to enjoy. There are of course the regulars who will never fall far from me, too much love for these people to ever be forgotten or replaced. They know who they are.

I was supposed to go see a movie with a friend today, Snakes on a Plane (SOAP). Sadly, he didn’t call me. No biggie, I really just wanted to hang out, he seemed down. Perhaps tomorrow night we can do something simple and pleasing.

I suppose I should get to sleep, I do have work at 4:45 and then class from 8:00 and until 2:00. Wish me luck on this new school year.

Landon, fly safely. I love you.


4 thoughts on “Juice Time!

  1. LOL! Hi Justin,
    I went crazy when I first got my juicer. My favorites include:
    Apple, Carrot, & Ginger
    and also:
    Carrot, & Spinach/Kale, & Beet
    Green turns so many people off . . . I really don’t know why. Certain juices really give me a rush. Becareful of too much Vitamin A. It made me feel really angry (and is toxic, i guess). Some of the best juices are pure. For example: pears aren’t supposed to give clear juice, but asian pears from trees in santa rosa make juice that is almost better than pure apple juice. Another example is that at the place I used to live, the guy had “neibell” grapes. While I do like grape juice, these made icky grapes, but tasted almost like cherries when juiced! Fruit can be very different juiced than raw – but I guess you already know that 😉
    Hope you enjoy juicing. . .
    Silly as always,

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