Weather or Not

I think I have used this post title before? And for the same reason, it seems that the weather here is drying out and cooling off. This morning I enjoyed an early morning walk through campus at 64 degrees. It had been twenty degrees hotter this summer!

I only have two classes today, but between class I have work, until like 6:30 tonight. I think I might like the split schedule thing, I just hope I have time enough to run to my classes and such. It shouldn’t be much trouble really. now let’s you subscribe to your blog through their site, allowing a blog on there that you don’t have to keep only there. Myspace allows blogs but you can’t subscribe to an RSS/Atom feed and thus it is stuck only on Myspace. Why they didn’t impliment the most popular blog and news feature, I don’t know. It is owned by News Corp for goodness sake.

My math class is such a bore. Shame I have to have it for graduation. I actually acquired a headache during class, a real deal, splitting headache. Still got the beast, maybe before work I will run downstairs and get some Advil or something… boo.

The mathematics department here seems to have found it necessary to switch from Texas Instruments to Casio! How rediculous. They say it is because the Casio models are cheaper, but we all already have TI calculators. I have a TI-82, 83, 83 Plus, 83 Plus Silver Edition, and 85 Plus not to mention the others laying around in boxes on the top shelf of my closet. Silly Mizzou.

I woke up for my 8am class at 5:45! Is that stupid? I just figured that parking would be a bitch and left my house at 7:00, got parking behind Starbucks, yes!

The university thought I had gotten a great ol’ grade in my French class two years ago. Funny cause I totally dropped out when I got pneumonia. The teacher I guess accidentally put in my grade instead of a withdrawl because the school had me enrolled into French 2. I had to deal with convincing them I wanted, needed, to take French 1 (again?) haha. Luckily I got the single open spot in the class at the same time of the prior class so there was no issue with having to change other classes, yay!

The only class I am really excited about is my sociology class. I love psychology and sociology and anthropology, too bad my anthro class was too full. 🙁

Well, I have work in an hour and I should probably figure out what I’m going to do about a lunch today. I doubt my shredded wheat from this morning will last until 6:00pm.

Yesterday I enjoyed two pears, two mangos, one banana, 1 pint of strawberries, half a pint of blue berries, some raspberries and some plums. For dinner a roast beef sandwich plus lunch was sushi from Brady. I felt pretty good abotu taht for the day, quite tastey and all that fruit was fabulous. I am seriously going crazy over my juicer haha.

Ok, I’m going to head out for reals.

2 thoughts on “Weather or Not

  1. Sorry your math class is so uninspiring 🙁
    That’s the sign of a bad math teacher. . . .
    And if they are worrying about calculators . . .

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