A Day of Embarassments

Today was as excellent as it was unbearable. I hit on my best friend’s ex on accident and made a huge fool of myself, that is the main one. I felt sick, sick i tell you, after realizing exactly what happened. Damnit.

Basically now, I dn’t have time to write anything. I fly out tomorrow after class to Columbia so I gotta get sleep, pack, do homework, memorize my song, sing my song in class, finish stat and then drive to Oakland to fly to Columbia to see Landon at the airport! I am very excited but way too busy to actually post pics and explainations and all that jazz.

However, rest assured, I will write plenty on my flight, I guarantee.

love out


One thought on “A Day of Embarassments

  1. Hey!!! Your going to have so much fun. You have been talking about this trip what seems like forever with me. A fun time will be had by all. but listen call me when you get back into town Kelly and I are doing a movie night on Halloween. You need come stop by at my place if your up for it (not too tired) see ya on the flip side…

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