A Little Less Conversation

I went back to Seth’s around 11:00, got a check from him. He was still too drunk/hungover to talk. Off to the flying goat to get a bagel with cream cheese and tapenade. So delicious, as much so as the company! Rigel, Alexandra and Meghan, along with two other upstanding female citizens of Santa Rosa… Of course Derek was just 15 feet away (the guy that seems to just hate me, seems to dangerously like Seth, and the one who is Seth’s roommate and that morning, his bedmate…)

But I had a good time with them all, even though our time together was brief. I was off to buy my piano!

At 12:00 I got to the Rubicon house to check out a Conover Upright piano, just shy of 100 years old. It is made of what appears tobe solid mahogany, and weighs in at 420lbs! I had read that Conover pianos were built to last, but holy hell this thing is solid as granite. I also read that they sell for around the price of a Steinway because they have an almost identical sound to them. Well, it sounded great to me, every key in perfect tune except the highest “G” on the keyboard. An easy fix by a piano tuner.

I bought the piano and it should be in my house sometime this week. Yay!

On the way towards work, I stopped to get gas. Seth was coincidentally at the same gas station getting a gatorade.

I chose this time to talk to him about the other night. Explaining that I was upset that he spent no time with me, almost seemed to completely ignore me and that he spent all his time doing Derek up for the party and only asked if i would tend bar for him. I told him that it would have been nice to get a phone call when I left, seems that if he cared about me he would want me there and would want to know why I left… petty? maybe but… When i went back he was dancing with Derek, I looked at him, he looked at me, and he kept dancing. I asked him why he made no motions towards me, his boyfriend. “I can’t just spend time with one person Justin, it’s my party, I didn’t spend more than five seconds with anyone”. Of course this is an exaggeration on his part, and a lie. It just does not work. I have been the host of many Brothel parties and never had a problem with taking time to spend with the person I was dating or just the person I especially invited.

Work then, fantastically busy. We tripled our sales! Poor scheduling of people meant that it was just Angelica and I and we had the same lunch break! No one could come in and help us, while we had at times over fifty drinks lined up. Thank God for Jessika who just happened to be an old Starbucks pro and was in the store. She hopped behind the counter and went away at drinks and the register! We surely could not have managed without her.

Barry’s Market wants to talk to me Wednesday about a job… Let’s see how that goes!

I went back to Seth’s after work, hoping to talk to him about stuff. He was watching family guy with Derek, in his bed. I do believe that he told me he was watching Family Guy with “Theresa”… Hmm, I don’t know. For the first thirty minutes, it was really awkward. Things got better when Derek left the room, he would barely cuddle with me with Derek there… I just don’t get this Derek thing!

We ended the night on a high note, hopefully worked something out, albiet in a silent fashion. Not many words were spoken.

I guess I should show the like only picture taken from Seth’s party. There are a few more. I was not exactly in the picture taking mood…

Time to ready myself for school!

4 thoughts on “A Little Less Conversation

  1. okay, so now i know how to work this thing! (sorry about the ‘hi’ thing)i wanted to say some stuff, gosh you poor thing, the stuff with seth is horrible and i can see the same thing happening as what happend to me, you don’t want to be a doormatt, but you don’t want to be a lonely doormatt either!

  2. it is a really tough situation. seth appears to believe there even is a situation. i am really confused as to what is going on. Any time spent with Derek seems awkward. Leaving Seth’s today, Derek made a move to kiss Seth and switched to a hug, it was an obvious move. Seth then brought up that Derek was having a guy named Michael come over… Something possibly to take my mind away from what just happened?

    Seth me me at work and when we got to his house, Derek was in his bed in just underwear… I mean, COME ON!

  3. I get this! maybe try talking to Derek, maybe don’t let him be the piggy in the middle, he’s obviosly enjoying it alittle! When he goes to kiss seth – jump in the way and you kiss him!!

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