A Long Time Coming (Now With Fun Bleeps)

This is really gay. Ian and Rosa came over the other night to watch Top Model and such and enjoy some super delicious, healthy, pizza. We vlogged while we waiting for the pizza to bake.

I’m not sure what exactly I feel with this video haha, we were all over the place and totally random. It sure was fun though!

3 thoughts on “A Long Time Coming (Now With Fun Bleeps)

  1. yeah well the bleep thing didn’t work, i am trying it a second time cause i just realized what i was doing wrong haha. but in the end, we all ended up complimenting the fella 🙂

  2. ‘Twas a crack up!

    Some memorable quotes from Ian:
    1. Typhoid fever… Who does THAT any more?!

    2. Who talks about Russia? 🙂

    3. Look at my MUSSSSCLES!

    rofl. shame he looks like Letterman with the tooth chip. 😉

    William John.

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