A Song I Was Feeling

Earlier, when I was still feeling self pity, allowing self deprivation and encouraging binges, this song seemed to fit me.

Faith Hill – When The Lights Go Down
[audio:http://www.itsjustjustin.com/wp-content/wordpress/music/04 When The Lights Go Down.mp3]

Now, it’s more…

Mika – Relax
[audio:http://www.itsjustjustin.com/wp-content/wordpress/music/Mika – Relax.mp3]

Yeah, definitely feeling the Mika.  He is such a beauty.  Buy his cd when it comes out, well worth it!

Favorite letter combination?  oe

One thought on “A Song I Was Feeling

  1. I was supposed to write a comment on here, but I can’t remember what it was I was going to say. It was a few days ago. Talk about procrastination. Well, I said I would write a comment, and I did 🙂

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