A Toast to Tulsa

So I got to Tulsa later than I had hoped. My parents had gotten tickets for all of us to go to the theater, yes Jenny, 42nd Street. My mom said it was good but not as well done as Thoroughly Modern Millie. So while my parent’s were not able to greet me home, get a gander at who did!

Yay for Gracie, she is just too cute.

My mom and I got up early to have coffee in the courtyard and talk about life. It was fun, refreshing, scandelous! We then “brunched” (as they say) at Queenie’s (the name gives little to the imagination to fill in). I thought that my mother had taken me to Queenie’s before, on arrival I immediately knew this was an establishment I had not yet patronized… (odd way to write that eh?).

We left Queenie’s and headed futher into the shops of Utica Square. Went to Banana Republic, Restorations Hardware, Pottery Barn and a jewelry store where my mom picked up the Baume & Mercier watch she had ordered for my dad as a surprise “spring gift”.

My dad renewed his vows to my mom for their anniversary and got her another wedding ring. This one was a bit nicer than the one he got her when there were in college haha. I saw the new one for the first time today, it is a Tiffany and Co. classic setting, it is beautiful. He told her that each glimpse of light refracted from the diamond represents his love for her in all its pureness. (so are your parents as crazy adorable as mine? i could not believe it myself!)

Anyways, so my mother and I went shopping today and did not really buy much of anything for the most part. We went to a really interesting French market to get food for dinner. I really felt like I was back in France, which might come as soon as this summer haha. As long as I can keep the trip under $1,500 and I make $1,300 (not connected to the $1,500 in any way) to fulfill my residency requirement, I am good to go!

We then went to this nursery called “Ted and Peggy’s”, owned by none other than Ted and Peggy… haha.

I got some really fun plants there for myself and my mother got an outrageous amount for herself. I think her total came to about twelve times the total I spent, which was $30… My dad is putting in a “vinyard” of sorts one one side of the house and my mother is putting in a flower garden on the other side of the house. I was equally excited about both, I wonder what they will do with the grapes though haha. I think we got about 10 grape vines out there now…

We spent most of our day working in the gardens but took a break for a late lunch at a new seafood restaurant. I had the best calamari of the month there! It definitely ranks on the chart of Best Calamari of Justin’s Life! LoL!

Back home we continued planting the new purchases and pruning the older plants. Midway through it my mother left the garden in a hurried fashion with an expression of seriousness on her face not often shown. It was only after the police came that I understood what happened. Our neighbor is quite ill. She is old and alone in a fairly large house. For years pretty much no one has seen her, no one except the people who have been stealing from her. My mother woke to a blood curtelling scream a few weeks ago, woke up my father and together they hurried to the house so normally escaped of most any signal of life. They met in the house the owner, for the first time. She had just had a stroke and was having an attack, she suffers from chronic dymentia.

My parents called the paramedics and they treated her as best they could before bringing her to the ER. My mother sat with her through the night wringing her hands as if this stranger stranger sleeping in the sterile hospital bed was a family member pain.

She bonded with the older woman and realized what had been going on for several years…

A man the neighbor calls her “business partner” has been “taking care” of her for five years. After doing some checking around, my mother realized that this man has actually been paid by the woman to take care of her, however he spends most of his time at ski resorts spending the money she pays him to help her. When not enjoying his rich spoils, he sends men over to the house with a large white van to take expensive antique items and sell them.

My mother saw the van pull into the house. She knew the woman was still in the hospital and that the men had keys to the house. She ran for the house with her cellphone already ringing the police who arrived moments too late to late to catch the men who drove off as soon as they saw the rage in my mother’s eyes.

So that was a bit of excitement right? LoL

In other news, the birds here are out and about like nothing else!

We spent most the entire day outside in the sun, basking in the heat while the brisk breeze cool ourselves down. My cheeks caught a little sun today, a bit pinkish as I write this post.

My mom made a really fabulous dinner, as usual. Only three courses this time around haha. The wine we had was imported from Greece. He received a bottle of it while he was in Montreal and liked it so much that he had a case of it shipped home to greet him when he returned. It was one of the best wines I had ever had, the first wine I had ever had from Greece actually.

We ate by lamp and candle light our meal and stayed warm as the night became colder, the sky now absent of a sun, with a toasty fire burning in the chimany.

Before going inside for dessert (my dad made a creme brulee with a strawberry (from our garden!) sauce (delish!), I got some pictures of us.

My mom is so goofy! I lahv it!

This has to be the most emotionally rewarding trip home I have had, and the best weekend of the year!

Time for me to get some sleep. I am so sad that I have to leave this place tomorrow, well technically later today. My computer does not let me send emails, among other things. We, my computer and I, got in a fight the other day and it is not doing much of anything as it should which really put me behind on some work I was trying to do this weekend. Oh well, break from regular life is good sometimes.

I got a really refreshing call from a certain male friend of mine today. Made me smile.

Lookout for pictures of my new plants once I get back to CoMo!

One thought on “A Toast to Tulsa

  1. OMG first of all that whole post made me so happy, every word of it! I am so glad that you had a fantastic weekend Justin, you deserve it. Ok..so your dog is the cutiest thing I have ever seen! But I thought you didn’t like long haired things? I had to show the girls because I could not stop smiling about it. You know what is really funny? We bought plants yesterday as well!! Isn’t that weird? We are some how going to get the weed pile out back to turn into a flowerbed. It is going to take some work but with all of us working on it, it will be great. The pictures of you and your family are so great and I can’t get over what your dad said about your mom and the ring! It makes me want to cry just because it is so cute!

    Oh so that thing about your neighbor sounds like a novel plot or something but all it all pretty crazy! Isn’t that weird how those things can happen so close?

    So as this post gets even longer and I will most likely call you before you even read this and tell you everything I am writing anyway, I am going to go study!!! woot,….yeah not really. anyway love you!

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