Acacia Dungeon Photoshoot

Holy schmoley!

Last night was the best night ever.

Tony Tripoli, @artipoli on twitter, and I have been talking about doing a photoshoot together for a long time now and finally, last night, it happened.  I set up a photoshoot at my fraternity‘s frat house here in Columbia.  Yeah, I’m in a frat.  Technically, I’m an alumnus of Acacia Fraternity, the best fraternity there ever was!

Anyways, the house is a hot mess of haunted dungeons and “nah nah” rooms and dry saunas and hallways made for a Stephen King movie.


Tony brought his business partner and all around awesome guy, Alex, and some wireless flash triggers and a Nikon SB-800.  He also invited a fabulous model for the shoot, Roxie or Roxiedanger on Twitter.

And finally, Corey, who has been so helpful this entire semester with my photo projects, joined in.

We were a motley crew of artists.

The shoot was like magic.  We got a ton of shots done so quickly… until that Gumby’s Pizza break that slowed us down by two hours.  How the hell….

Here’s a teaser of what we did.  Click to view a larger version from the photoblog.

I’m posting the pics to my photoblog,  Be sure to check them out and leave some comments there!

And once again, I cannot thank these wonderful people enough for their help.  Not only did they provide their bodies to me (he he…) to photograph, they also had incredible suggestions for pictures and helped me conquer some complicated setups.

Corey, Tony, Alex and Roxie, you’re all golden!  Reblog this post [with Zemanta]

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