Ah, update but no pictures

So, imagine this. Jesse Ventura, not the greatest speaker I have ever heard. : ) He just could not make up his mind on anything except that the Democrats and the Replubicans are all bastards. While I agree to a point, there is always a line that must be drawn.

Wesley Clark was fantastic and so were the others. Our luncheon left much to be desired. It was a thanksgiving-esque dinner only I do believe everything came out of a can haha. I suppose cooking for so many people will never be a breeze but seiously folks! : )

I am back into my room, I have internet for the next four or so hours so I am going to make the most of it.

This is my last day here, not looking forward to CoMo what-so-ever. I think I need about two more weeks here, or any large city really, before I am really ready to get back to the college life.

What else? Not too much going on here, total lie. I am just so exhausted. Going out everynight here with my boss has really worn me, and her, down. We both left the lunch to get a real lunch, go shopping and decided that we were just too tired to shop any bit at all.

That finds me back in this hotel room, hanging out with the maid. She is very nice and does and amazing job and so quickly! I helped her make up my bed haha.

Well, I suppose I should maybe take a nap so that I can make it to the final showcase and market. I get back to Columbia, probably around 7pm on Wednesday.

Catch you later! Have a great day, it is absolutely beautiful here, clear skies and brisk breezes, these definitely help lift spirits!

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