AIDS Walk Abridged

I will write more but I start training for my newish job in like six hours, yick!

I did the AIDS Walk yesterday, cept I had to use the wheel chair because my knee is so messed up. I went on behalf of Target, w00t. Loved it. My arms were sooo tired after wheeling around for seven miles, up those hills and all haha.

Being in a wheel chair did have some benefits. People treated you better, while some others just stared at me… Anyways, I got to hang out with Jai and Hal and the SF Warriors and the mayor and a few other awesome people.

I look awful in these pictures, only a few hours of sleep, it was freaking freezing and my eyes were sooooo f’d up, my contacts need to be replaced. So I am always winking at people haha.

Hal Sparks is a real talker and Jai is a real hottie! The first picture we took, he was holding a banana and it totally came out pretty risque. haha. he is a funny guy. The warriors guy, number 31, was freaking hilarious. Everyone was super nice.

Well, I gotta get some sleep. Love you all. Early work today but I get off early too. Training is gonna be a bitch but way worth it.

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