Airplane Washroom

A little hilarity in the air, or should I say “hil”air”ity”… Probably not.

Anyways, I went to the bathroom/restroom/washroom, whatever you might call it When I got to the security check point they made me take off my shoes, belt, watch, wallet and then some. Being in such a rush for the gate, I did not have time to really re-dress so I took this time to re-dress in the airplane washroom.

I was reading all the text in there… don’t smoke, don’t put trash in the toilet and the norm. However, the instructions on how to throw trash away was hilarious.

Please use two (2) hands to throw trash away. Use one (1) hand to “open” the trash lid and hold it “open”. Then use one (1) hand to put the trash “in” the “open” trash receptical.

What if you only had one hand? What is up with “open” and “in”… Are we being figurative here? I just don’t get it. Oh well, yet another funny thing of the day. One I forgot to talk about was the lady next to me on the last flight and the air vents.

First off, my air vent was possessed and would open itself up as fast as you could close it. Not too funny I guess but I laughed at it because it was like challenging me. It kept winning so I aimed it at the crazy lady next to me.

The crazy lady. This woman, 60-70 years old, white haired and very grandma’ish. Completely normal at first. All of a sudden, out of her very grandma purse she pulls an entire meal from Chili’s. A Big Mouth Burger, fries, 1/2 of a bloomin onion and a bowl of beans or chili (i could not tell). She uses both trays to eat. She is not a “large” woman, average size for her age, over weight but healthily so. That in itself is not too weird. I have 3/4 lb. of meat under my feet, who I am to critisize on food?

Shw as also reading, avidly might I add, a book entitled Self Hypnosis “Lose weight, lose inhibitions, take control through the power of your inner mind”. It was a book and cassette combination. She was reading the book, taking notes in the margins, and listening to a cassette player that had tapes that corresponded with the chapters. The cassette player was not a Sony Walkman type. No, No, No. This was a full-sized cassette deck. It looked to require four D sized batteries, probably weighed more than my laptop and had buttons each about one inch long and half an inch wide. It was massive. Her headphones were nothing new either. It was an interesting look she had there. Everytime I would try to take a picture of her, the camera would go out of focus. Either she had some sort of magnetic field that disabled the autofocus mechanism of my camera… or I was just too shakey. Either way no pictures I took of her came out.

I decided that I should switch out the music on my iPod shuffle. I am not sure that was the greatest idea. It has 158 songs left to copy over. I don’t really know what the deal is… it is USB 2.0 but takes forever to copy files over. Going by specs alone, it should take no more than a minute to copy all the files over. USB 2.0 transfers at 400 mbps, it should really take three seconds to fill my iPod but things never work at the max speed I guess. However it probably takes thirty minutes to update my iPod shuffle. To move the same amount of songs to my regular iPod it takes like ten minutes at the most. I just don’t get it. If I drag a file to the iPod shuffle using it as a USB Storage Dongle, it transfers really fast. Why not with iTunes?

Well, I guess my laptop will serve as my music source for a while. That is all good. I will stop writing though because if I don’t stop now, I never will. You know how I am, I start to write and I just can’t stop.

Going to close my eyes for fifty minutes. Night!

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