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For hours I toiled with my new toy, the Apple Airport Express.  I bought it today with the understanding that it could bridge itself to another wireless network and allow you to play your music wirelessly to your powered speakers.  Well, not exactly.

First off, Apple never promises that it will work with third party routers but do promise it to work with their routers.

Since moving to my new apartment with Mark, I have been stealing internet from “Sal” in apartment 138 (shhhhhh).  “Sal” has an Apple Airport Extreme 54g router, the password was changed from public so I could’nt play around with the settings “Sal” initiated on his/her router.  No bother, I should only need to tell the Airport Express to connect to the router, no go.  I tired for HOURS and finally gave up.  I could connect my laptop to the Airport Express but never pair it up with “Sal”.

I came here with my Comcast Cable Modem with the idea that since we have Comcast here, and since the modem is activated, I could just drop the box off here, plug it in and surf away.

SteveZ believed otherwise.  He said you would have to contact the cable company and have them route a signal to you, blah blah blah.  I called Comcast and they said the same thing so when I connected my Netgear router to the modem, I wasn’t surprised to get nil as a connection.  Even though the modem said everything was hunky dory, I got nothing on the end of my router.

Tonight, at my wits end, I plugged the Airport Express directly into the modem.  BAM!  It worked.  Super fast internet, flawless music streaming to my Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 Ultra speakers and complete control of the Airport Express through the Administration Utility!  What?!

I tried the Netgear again… nothing.  Apparently the Netgear is just dead, something happened, power surge during the storm… who knows.  For whatever reason, it decided to stop working properly.  As frusterating as it is, one good thing came out of this.  Well, lots did but one important thing.  Justin, as usual, was right about the cable modem, just plug it in!  Comcast never came out to do what they said, I never even setup and appointment or anything.

A downside, that I will work to fix soon…  I can’t connect my Vonage to the Airport Express.  Maybe I will have to purchase some sort of bridge or access point, maybe I can get my Netgear working again?  Either way, in the end, the Airport Express is freaking awesome.  I want more, more, MORE!

Time for sleep, work in a few hours!  Muah.  (yes, I am still a dork)

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