All Hallow’s Eve

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Fun Fun Fun! Last night Geoff, Jenny, Nissa and I had a blast making jack-o-lanters, caramel apples, cookies and pumpkin seeds. It started out that Geoff and I were going to be absolutely the cutest couple in the world and became a group venture. That was fine though, we all had a good time. Geoff and I picked up all the stuff on our way home from ritual practice. It was not as bad as it normally was, nothing Acacia has been as bad lately as it had been a few weeks ago. Fred was still annoying and people were, as expected, just really stupid at times but it all worked out. We even ended early! Geoff thinks we will get out early tonight too, out of our chapter meeting.

Anyways, Geoff and I first made some Halloween cookies. It was not a whole lot of work as they were those break-n-bake cookies. I tell you what… haha, those things are so good! I hate to use “so” as an intensifier but hell, this is my space to do whatever I choose at the moment. Anywho, the cookies are good enough that I don’t have the energy to make homemade cookies anymore. These are much more expensive, about $0.33 each cookie, as opposed to about $0.10 if you make them from scratch. But, come to think of it, the absolute best chocolate chip cookie I have ever had was from Otis Spunkmeyer. One of my old high schools used to sell these cookies for some fundraiser, every single day at lunch time. For one dollar you could get three cookies… but boy were they worth it!

Never the less, we still had our caramel apples to make. Nissa and I had only made these using the sheets of caramel that you put on the apple and then microwave or in some other fashion cause the caramel to melt onto the apple. The kit Geoff and I purchased had you unwrap about fifty caramel cubes, add two tablespoons of water, microwave and then dip the apples into the caramel. It was really easy, and the caramels were quite yummy. We added some chopped up honey roasted peanuts… holy crap those things are great. Anyway, we rolled one of our apples pairs into the nuts. I wish we had done it to both of our apples (we each had two) because the peanuts tasted sooo good with the caramel. Jenny and Nissa shared an apple and opted for no nuts (they missed out). I was a little upset with Katie… she needs to just get over herself. I offered her an apple if she wanted to join us and she said no. She just is such a bitch. Anywho, I need to just let go of the fact that she is who she is.

Next Geoff, Nissa and I worked on our pumpkins. Jenny had gotten two pumpkins for her birthday from her brother and Geoff and I had picked out the last pretty one from Wal-Mart on the way home. Geoff and Nissa gutted out the pumpkins and Jenny and I cut them into Jack-o-Lanterns. Mine is just a crazy face and Jenny’s, as you hopefully have deciphered, reads “VOTE”, which I will be doing tomorrow. VOTE!!!

We cleaned off the seeds and toasted them in the oven… but they did not come out so hot. They are kinda bland. Not sure what we did wrong, we averaged our parents’ recipes with Google’s. Oh well, there is always next year for that!

Anywho, I did nto get to study all that much for my test that is today so I am going to get to it. Love you guys, have a fabulous day. I will write more later, which is most obvious since it is a journal, if you did not write anymore, well then it would just be one of many places you posted random notes. By posting reguarly, it is a journal. Ok, I need to go. (but do you know the difference between a diary and a journal?)

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