All Tied Up

My life is really busy right now, hence the no posting… again. I have to clear some time for my blog, probably later today at Aroma’s or something before work.Meanwhile, took this the other day.  Mark (my roommate), thought I was weird for taking it, however I find a poetic silence/peacefulness in this picture.  Click to see it full sized.


So many things have happened since I put a real post on here, let us hope I actually find the time and have the heart to type about it all. Most of my life is not interesting to most people in the world, but to that small faction, I pity your pity! 😉

Love you Landon, Jenny, Jim, Geoff and Joseph.

One thought on “All Tied Up

  1. What happened to “having a desk really makes me blog more!”? Not like I really have room to talk…

    Want to doggie sit again this wed-fri? Mike is going to watch me fall down excessively in the snow again.

    Miss ya!

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