Almost Fading Away

I am so tired of being dis’re’pected!

Meanwhile I was offered a possibility of a job (haha) at another Starbucks. I would be making a ton more money but mostly I would be working at a corporate store. Fantabulous! Had an interview yesterday, but who knows. I love working at Target… but only because of a few of the ppl there.

Thursday I am hopefully going to bring a friend to the airport and then spend some time with Seth in San Francisco. Sad reasons for her trip but we will have a fun drive for sure.

I keep spelling “sure” as “Shure” which I think means my brain wants me to use my Shure E3c’s more… Tomorrow I swear.

So tell me… would you have arranged the items for this photo the same way?

Who puts three hot things in a refrigerator? Iron in the door? What in the hell? Target needs to do some serious investing into a new advertisement department. Whatever.

This next picture is troubling in so many ways

How do you get “Fresh Spring” vegetables in late summer? “Just Say Combo!”… then what? You still have to say what size combo you want… Yeah, and it is hella expensive. This small sub is ok priced but so many sandwiches here at Quizno’s are hella expensive. For instance…

Lunch, only meal of the day actually, a simple regular sized ham sandwich, Baked Lays and a diet cranberry juice (from the soda fountain)… $7.99! At Subway it would have been like $5 and the would have been nicer. Seriously I was so poorly treated. I won’t get into how they could’nt remember something as simple as “for here” and not “to go”, wrong bread, no onion please (on ham, what the hell were they thinking?!)… they gave me such mean looks. I, as Kinder from work would say, “I am so over them”… too bad I will probably eat there tomorrow haha… maybe I have learned my lesson though and will hit up Subway for a healthier, cheaper, faster lunch.

Time for sleep. What a dull post? No, it was chock full of excitement!


p.s. thanks to all my new readers in Europe and Vietnam!

p.p.s. Gay Marriage bill passed (YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!) but ol’ Swartz (gov of California) is probably going to veto it (bastard republican).

p.p.p.s i am going to hang out with Chris after work tomorrow, yay!

2 thoughts on “Almost Fading Away

  1. Actually subway prices went up along with the university so it costs about $6.75 for sub, drink, and chips! Yeah I know it is ridiculus….

  2. i get just the sandwich for $2.49 WITH TAX! So two bucks and two quarters gets me lunch, who needs soda? yick! And chips are just total wastes nothing but carbs, sodium and fat… but so yummy haha.

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