Alone Again

Tonight is the first night for me to fall asleep alone. I am kind of sad and kind of glad… I loved Jim and Dave staying over, but I need a night to myself so it is ok that they had other things tonight.

I really want to brush my teeth… There is this amazing show on TBS right now, some cartoon, really funny.

They should make babies.

Anywho, what happened today?… Meh, too tired to type it all out. Had a wonderful evening with Landon, almost saw Geoff (YIKES!) and meh meh.

Tired, but the show is called The Oblongs

“When the series premiered on Australia’s channel Nine is prime-time in 2003, it was pulled from the air mid-episode after an order from station head Kerry Packer, with the reason being that he found the program grossly offensive.”

The Oblongs are a physically deformed & socially inept family living in a town called HillValley. Pickles (Voiced by the stunningly beautiful & talented oscar-winning Jean Smart.) is a boozing, bald headed, wig-wearing floozy happily married to the love of her life, Bob Oblong. (SNL’s hilarious Elf, Will Ferrell.) Bob is an upbeat, moralistic, pipe smoking father right out of any typical 1950’s sit com. But without arms & legs.

Their children are Biff & Chip, 17 year old conjoined twins sharing three legs & three butt cheeks. Milo, (Played to perfection by Pamela Segal Aldon of “King of the Hill,” “Recess” & “Time Squad.”) an 8 year old boy with every traumatic childhood disorder known to mankind. And their youngest, little Beth Oblong. (Voiced by the mop-headded, beautiful, multi-talented Jeannie Ellias.) Beth is a fearless, adorable 4 year old who is Hello-Kitty-cute with an enormous, grotesque, wart covered, growth protruding from her head. It is not a penis.

Milo is a social reject as are his friends, Peggy the Mutant; the girl with no lower jaw & one little booby in the center of her chest, Helga (Voiced by great big lezzie, Lea Delarea), Mikey Butts whose butt cheeks sag down below his knees & Creepy Susie, (Mikey & Susie both also voiced by Jeannie Ellias.) a morbid goth girl who – for no mentioned reason – floats 6 inches above the ground. No kid at school will befriend this group of ugly rejects, so they must find companionship with eachother, gathering in their clubhouse in Milo’s backyard every day after school.

The town of HillValley is the pharmaceutical capital of the world, the water is tainted with toxins, as is the air. The nearby meteor on the skyline gives off a soft glow of radiation from worlds light years away. Thus the folks of HillValley are either physically deformed or mentally deranged. Fun for the whole family.

13 episodes of “The Oblongs” were made. Premiering in April of 2001, lasting for one (1.) season. The producers working on the show softened Oblong’s vision, making “The Oblongs” merely another lukewarm, prime time comedy about a family who does nothing all that unusual, then hugs at the end of every episode. “Gross.” Says Oblong.

If picked up by another production company for more episodes, “The Oblongs” has the potential to truly become something people will notice, talk about & have plenty of controversy over.

“Pissing off normal people? Kay, sounds fun.”

3 thoughts on “Alone Again

  1. i love the oblongs! they are on adult swim on cartoon network as well sometimes. i’ve seen every episode at least 3 times.

  2. OMG I love them too! My brother and I always watched them when we were at home. They should come out on DVD, that would awesome. PS. I forgot how much I love adult swim

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