America’s w00t

So I brought Darryl out to Americas last night for his birthday, which is not really till the 29th but whatev. We had a really great time, as anyone would at this awesome restaurant.

Those are kind of shitty pictures but maybe I can find some really cool ones online somewhere. They are always getting awards for either they awesome food or their amazing interior design. really awesome place.

We then went to Deitrich’s for coffee… I had a Soy Chai, it was really good. I had never had one, perhaps my new drink?

THen what… watched a movie and then the night was finished. We had a good time though.

So i have the membership, week trial, to 24-Hour Fitness… I need to go there really badly. I need to workout, makes me feel so nice.

Well, I am going to head back to my grandmother’s and help her do whatever she asks!

Oh, and went to the doctor about the scary mole, she did a biopsy and said she will have the results in about a week. Here’s to us hoping it is ok. Though I am positive that everything is fine.

Ciao babes, love you.

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