Another Busy Week

Last week was pretty darn busy but this week… THIS week is going to be even busier.  But that’s ok, as long as I stay on track I should have no trouble getting my shit done and making some good grades.  So far nothing but perfect scores, though I am not positive what I got on my Photography project though I imagine I got an A though… haha

My next project is titled “Private”.  Last time it was “Public”.  For this upcoming project to I have been thinking something dark.  The setting, for all of it if I can, would be my bathroom.  It’s a pretty cool bathroom, all black and white so any color would really stick out.  Private moments, like…

  • Girl waiting for pregnancy test results
  • Suicide
  • Someone opening the door to the medicine cabinet full of RX’s
  • Someone with an eating disorder on a scale
  • Someone sick over the toilet
  • Someone crying

Those sorts of things… Any suggestions?

While you think on that, here’s the latest from

Time for bed. Yoga in the morning with Max.  Look forward to comments with suggestions!

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4 thoughts on “Another Busy Week

  1. I like the idea of someone on a scale in the bathroom, but not someone with an obvious eating disorder. Just a normal-ish looking person, still staring down at the scale and gripped by fear of what that number will settle on.

  2. @ Joseph:

    You are so right. That is a much better idea. You don’t have to appear to have an eating disorder to suffer from it, you don’t have to even have an eating disorder… body dysmorphia for instance.

    Thanks! Wish you were here 🙂

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