Another Date!

So guess who went on another date! That would be me. Plus look at my new, beautiful, flowers!!!

He called me and told me he was at the Artisan. I drove over there and hung out with him. We read a little out of this book called GLASS HOUSES: Congressional Ethics and the Politics of Venom, written by a professor from George Mason (one of the schools offering him a package for grad school). It is one of those books that you would think is not interesting but truly is.

Anyways, so we left the Artisan around 11:30 (it stayed open later than posted, yay!) and went to Jimmy Johns for sandwiches. I had already eaten dinner but I really wanted to spend more time with him so I ate again. It was of course really good, I saved half of it for later. We talked more, and then some more. It was a total blast.

After leaving Jimmy Johns we drove around town, he handed me a cd he thought I would like and I gave him a copy of Want One. I am saving his cd for my “walking to class” time later. We said our goodbyes around 1:30 and drove to our homes. I do not know how to say goodbye to him. Do we hug? Do we kiss? Do we shake hands? LoL!

So, otherwise, I had my oral exam today. My professor said I did “very well”. Yay! I love my new medicine to help me sleep, it is kicking in right now so I should probably go. Jim and I had fun celebrating my mom’s birthday, Texas Independence Day and’s 10th birthday. We got free ice cream from Baskin Robins, double w00t! We then went to the mall and then to Wal-Mart where I bought way too much but had fun doing it haha.

Off to sleep, love to all!


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