Another New Site

So I’m here in California, just loving it out here! A friend of mine, Damon, was convinced, by me, that he needed a website.

So I took the liberty to build him one today. The site is really basic, nothing all that flashy. Tell me what you think though!

Damon Tyler

One thought on “Another New Site

  1. I like plain and simple, so the design is really good. It really reminds me of your page, just without the images and added extras. His myspace is set to private, which is annoying, because it would have been good to learn more about him, though i’m sure that the site will accomplish that when it’s done … “But I guess I didn’t have a clue, Now your gone and I’m still here, And the answer to my question is a tear. A tear from you and a tear from me. Nothing but a blurred reality.” 🙁 how sad.

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