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I just need to make an entire post about this new keyboard, I love it so much.  I really just can’t handle it, the thing is so awesome!  Kinda feel like a dork over this but damn girl, this thing is fine!

So the wireless edition has no numeric pad on the far right… this is a bummer cause, well, you can’t do the whole ten key touch thing… but that’s ok seeing as I don’t really need it, not yet at least.  The keys are also a little hard to get used to, since there isn’t nearly any depth to each key, you can’t feel your way around the keyboard like you could with any other typical desktop keyboard.  The feel and layout is much like any Macbook or Macbook Pro keyboard you might have used except there is a greater distance between the keys themselves.  I have gotten used to the keyboard’s layout for the most part though I’m still having trouble with punctuation.

The top keys, aka the function keys, are much improved with little pictures telling you what each key does.  Those little icons are great cause no matter how many times I used those keys on my old Apple Wireless Keyboard, I could never memorize what each key did.  I’m just special I guess.

The thing is fucking tiny, that’s just something I can’t get over.  The brushed metal and the solid build are great.  Typical Apple quality here.  I love the thing and really only have a few little updates that they totally should have put on here.

How about a lighted keyboard like the Macbook Pro’s?  I just don’t get why they didn’t do that.  Also… how about a USB port to charge the batteries like a cellphone is charged on your USB port?  That would be super fantastic.  They totally could have put a numeric keypad on this…  How about a similarly designed mouse?  The new brushed iMacs look awesome with the new keyboards but still have those white mouses.

Typing on the new keyboard is so much faster and becomes easier once you get used to the layout.  It’s quiet and easier to keep clean.  It’s got brushed metal and it’s smaller than Mark McGwire’s testicals…

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  1. I bought the corded version the week it came out for my computer at work because I’d been searching for a keyboard that had laptop keys… apple to my rescue… the corded one does have 10 key which is great b/c we use it constantly at work. I absolutely ADORE the fact that its like typing on my MacBook Pro now. Plus, everyone who walks by comments on how cool it is… I just flip it over and show them the apple logo on the bottom.

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