Apple’s 802.11n Enabler

You have probably read that a whole slew of new Apple desktops and laptops have secretly been shipped with the new wireless format, 802.11N. The scandal comes in that Apple is charging to enable that option because of an accounting issue. Apple released the update and I tried to install. However, this is what I got.

80211n Enabler Error

I got on the phone with AppleCare. Thirty minutes passed and the guy couldn’t do a damned thing. Seriously, a total dunce. I figured out the problem myself and fixed it in the last of our “3-4 minutes” of being on hold. Now it says 802.11 a/b/g/n instead of 802.11 g.

80211n Enabler Success

Yay for me being smarter than AppleCare.  If you have an Intel Core Duo or Core  2 Duo, go ahead and download the file here.

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