Aroma Roasters

I finally made it to Aroma Roasters. It was quite the walk, it is at 95 5th Street and I started at the 700 block of 3rd St. Freeway in between haha.

Quick, what does this (tar) smell like?

Now what does this (star jasmine) smell like?

Now put them together

What an interesting collection of smells!

Lots of fun, gay people here. All varieties. I am too scared to say hi to any though haha. I think this really hot one outside was wanting me to come up to him. I had been walking right towards him, to go to the garden, and when I turned he made a sigh… haha. He was way too cute for me so whatev.

Here is a shot of the inside.

I met some really cool liberal women today who just rocked. I am going to find them when I move up here.

My throat is just killing me, no good. My lungs are full again too, it is like I am getting pneumonia all over again. ICK!

Much love


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