AT&T iPhone Wifi – Still Not Working

Not only does it not recognize that I’m on an iPhone and thus entitled to use their AT&T WiFi on my device, it won’t even let me log in with my AT&T Uverse credentials or my Starbucks Rewards username/password.  Grrr…

No iPhone Login? AT&T or T-Mobile?

Funny how when the signin fails for AT&T, it goes to T-Mobile Wireless.  Kind of funny but mostly annoying.  Oh well, at least Kaldi‘s internet works, goodbye Starbucks until you get your Internet woes figured out.

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4 thoughts on “AT&T iPhone Wifi – Still Not Working

  1. If the iPhone worked on the T-mobile network I might consider it. For now, my new smartphone should be here today. Now, I gotta figure out how to use it and how I’m gonna pay for the extra services.

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  2. You can hack the old iPhone pretty easily to work on T-Mobile and they are working on the crack fo rhte new iPhone to work on T-Mobile.  I’m thinking about activating my old iPhone onto a T-Mobile account just for the experimentation 🙂

  3. Oh it isn’t the iPhone at fault here, it’s AT&T not activating their iPhone WiFi access.  The iPhone 3G has been working perfectly.

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