Auld Lang Syne (ity)

Oh. come on, it is kinda clever…


Class today = fun. Prior to class though, I met a guy, online, who is moving out here soon. Seems to be a really great guy. I think he is looking mostly into going to San Francisco but also noted he was talking to a guy out here who he might live with…

Anyways, after school I dealt some with my piano. Apparently piano moving, when your piano is ~100 years old, is expensive. Especially when it is made of solid mohogany and weighs over 400lbs. So much that some quotes have been in the $300 arena! Ouch.

It is starting to look like I will have to get an electric keyboard instead… sure hope I can get my deposit back… There is an electric keyboard I am looking at, it is only $500ish so quite cheap, and really classy looking, no flashing screens and giant sound banks. The action in the keys is great and the sound is not shabby either. But it does’nt have pedals (you can buy them).

I got a new phone service here, so a new number. If you care to have it, email me! I am now using Vonage and so far, love it!

Alas, I gotta get some sleep. Love you guys!


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