Aye, I’m Getting Me Eyes Fixed

I am supposed to be going to my second of three appointments where a Dr. H Kell Yang would fix the corneal abnormalities I have and send me home with 20/15 vision.

However… unfortunately or perhaps luckily I won’t be getting my eyes worked on here by the very qualified Dr.Yang and instead will be done by Dr. Slade. Dr. Slade pretty much invented Lasik, having performed tens of thousands of procedures. He has the absolute highest technology, much it it not even available to many Lasik surgeons.

But this means that I have to make the call to Dr. Yang’s office today and basically apologize for wasting their time on my consultation and their appointment time today. I hate that.

Plus, I will have to wait a little longer to get Dr. Slade to do my eyes. I have to go to Houston for that and that means I have to wait until classes are out. That isn’t too long, plus it will be done by the absolute best in the business. I was so excited about getting my eyes fixed, finally, and so soon, April 24th.

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