Back at Sonoma Coffee Company

So, I am back.

You will all be glad to know, well a few of you at least since you have been lecturing me about it, that I am going to the doctor soon for the “spider bites”. I slept in a different room and still got hit with a barrage of stealth attacks, those spindly bastards.

Oddly enough this is my first trip back to Sonoma Coffee Company since I was here, in California, last. I am really surprised, and saddened, that David and I did not go here while he was in town. It is a great coffee shop and deli (i had one of the best sandwiches of my life here, another one at the coffee place in San Fran).

I worked some more in the kitchen today, cleaned more plates and bowls and cups haha. Finally, every single dish, flatware, cup and serving device has been cleaned. It was a lot of work but meh, I needed to get it done eventually.

I got a call from Landon today. It was the first time we had talked in a few weeks or so. It was a great conversation, as usual. Miss the fella a lot haha. He is doing well, getting a new digital camera, thank goodness. I really wish I could be there, I hate it when people have things that they have to buy and they don’t know everything they want to know about the purchase. Normally I get the phone call about any electronic purchase, someone signing a contract, someone in trouble or any other situation. I am the go to guy, especially with electronics. So we figured out a good Nikon for him (so glad he is getting Nikon, whew) but slightly unclear about which model he was getting, he could not remember the model number.

In an aside, Sony has a digital camera that is 5mp with a 3x zoom and it is only like .4″ thick! That is crazy. (too bad sony makes you use their card format instead of SD/CF and too bad that they are not battery friendly or optically as powerful (even with a Carl Zeiss lens) as the Nikons).

I cannot wait for the day that we have 16x optical zoom, 12mp, 1/2″ thick digital cameras with speeds of 1.8sps… Oh dear me that will be a glorious day, especially for the paparazzi.

I listened to eight hours of Ben and Sheri today. How sick is that? Two hours of Dawn and Drew. Me thinks I have problems.

More good news; starting tonight I will have an answering machine. Yeah, going to bite the bullet and get one.

I want to be that person that introduces people to other people…

Hello Frank, this is Teddy. Teddy is an advertising executive for Fleishman-Hillard and an acomplished concert pianist. Frank is the founder and curator of the Interational Arts Repository Museum in Newark. Frank also flies his Cessna G3 Gulfstream to Nantucket Sound to visit the Kennedy’s once a month…

This song reminds me of what Jenny and I seem to do these days haha.

Barbra Streisand – Hello, Dolly! – Just Leave Everything To Me

This place is closing so I gotta go! Love out!

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  1. haha! LAUV it! I do not have to work on Monday so let’s take care of all the sending of missing items. Love you!!

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