Back Home, Time to Review

profilingI am finally home, it feels so nice. I am sitting in my living room, watching the Food Network (wish my mom and grandmother were here, we might go out to the store and buy the ingredients to make some of these dishes). I just got off the phone with Chris, he told me I needed to do my homework and quit this journal business. How right he is. haha. So let me finish up this entry and I am off to the races. Homework is proving to be of no fun at all.

So how do you like the photo over to the right? I kinda like it, taken with my cellphone, my lips are really red in the picture haha. I think it is the Neutrogena Lip Boost® intense moisture therapy. That stuff is so wonderful!

You can see my new hair. I am still not sure how I feel about it. If I had left the bleach on there a little longer it would look better. I was nervous though and now I just don’t know… Gotta get rid of that brassy look, the new shampoo has helped a bit but still…

I bought Seth some flowers yesterday, a small boquet of tulips. His favorite. But I took a picture of these guys.

Looks pretty good considering it is a camera phone eh? Actually, almost all of my pictures now-a-days come from my camera phone.

Checked out the new iPod Nano, I want it. So did all of these people.

Let us compare it to my iPod Shuffle (my sweet heart!)

Oh my goodness! It is actually thinner than my Shuffle! how the heck did they do that? Seriously… how did they do that? Someone take your iPod Nano apart, maybe iPod has done this… I want to see the inside (they normally do that sorta stuff)

I browsed Union Square and beyond, chatted on the phone with Jenny as I came upon these fab shoes haha. $30 a pair.

I called Jenny because of this really crazy thing that had just happened. I was walking down Market Street when I saw this booth on my right. There were people administering stress tests. I bite, why not take one?

His questions were normal, weather, traffic, work, school, etc etc. I am stress-free, for the most part. Then he says, “How about Geoff?” and the meter freaking jumps hardcore to the right. He turns it off because no dialing down will get it to move back to the left zero point. What the hell!? Asks me who Geoff was, I tell him… I told him Geoff and I broke up in May. Then I realize, no, we broke up in November! What is that about? I apparently associate my move away from Columbia with the breakup with Geoff. In a way, I guess that is a good thing. In others…

Still, where did that question come from?

Meh, anyways. Found a really cool store that I am totally going back to once I have money. Actually I found a ton of those type stores!

I bought this great bag from this vintage store. It is green canvas with leather trim and base. I love it. One of the nicest bags I have really, and only $9.00!

Got this guy’s attention, mine was drawn to his bag, a white Puma.

He smiled at me, I blushed haha. We sat next to each other until I gave my seat this this really cute girl who looked like she had just had the worst day. She smiled, gosh, lots of smiles on the BART that day! We rode together until I got to the Powell stop, he stayed on… Damn haha. Not really though.

Then was homework time. I tried doing it at Seth’s but his internet kept going out (really I was stealing from a neighbor). I went to four internet cafe’s before I got one that worked. The walk was long, but beautiful and fun.

This one’s for you Nick. Edinburge inspired pub! See, you did’nt need to move to Scotland afterall!

And this one is to Nisa, Jenny and Meghan…

I guess also to our friendly Columbia Missouri Russian booze dealer haha. Ice, Ceeeeegars!?

The first was too loud, the second’s internet was not working, the fourth (starbucks) had no room remaining and the last (another starbucks) was just right. The workers there were not the most congenial but towards the end of my time there we warmed up to each other. Offered me anything I wanted for free! I did’nt take him up on his offer, I think he just wanted me… not my business.

Well, time for me to complete my promise to Chris and do my homework haha. Stupid statistics test tomorrow.

I am reducing my blog to three posts per page because with the normal five, my journal can be some three megabytes to load! That’s gotta be hell for the last two dialup readers teehee. Just hut previous to view the older posts.

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