Back to School Days

James Blunt – Back to Bedlam – You are Beautiful

Argh, so much has happened. Good, bad and unpleasant.

The “other day” Seth and I were going to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory at 8:00. First he needed to go to his mom’s, do laundry and look online for an apartment in the city. We all had fun searching for an apartment, but come 7:45, his clothes were’nt done and he had’nt found a place. We decide to wait for the 9:30 showing… at 9:40 we leave his mother’s to head to his place. I really just wanted to go home at that point… I had to open the next day.

I did get an ok picture of the sunset on his mother’s front porch.

Pretty decent for a camera phone (which is where most of the pictures for now on will come from, till my new digital camera arrives…)

We went to Aroma Roasters instead of a movie for a bit.

I did not buy anything for myself but did buy Loren a drink. The place was pretty crowded, a few ol’ friends were there. Seth and Loren went outside to smoke but I was too cold to stay out there so I stayed inside to listen to the music and watch the people.

After all of that, I went to MIke’s. I just needed to vent about the day and night, needed someone to talk to. I hung out with Mike and Kevin for a bit, and of course had a great, relaxing time.

A few nights later was not that much different. Seth and I ended up at Aroma’s where I bumped into Clay. That immediately and obviously caused a little bit of ….. well something, with Seth. I could tell he was not happy with how excited I was to see Clay. We chatted for a short period before I moved back to Seth, did not want to make an awkward night even more so.

There was some fabulous live music.

I bought his cd (and got his autograph haha) and another group’s cd. Both are pretty darn good!

After Aroma’s, Seth and I headed to Blockbuster to get a movie, The Life Aquatic. That is where I realized that Geoff was still on my Blockbuster account (which is of course fine, just another one of his strings attached to me, his puppet). I also realized that my debit card had disappeared. Yikes.

We picked up the movie but passed out before we could watch it.

Time passes… hmm, drama at work (ppl showing up late, not doing their work and worst of all, telling me what to do!)

I am grocery shopping when I see some tabloids that caught my attention…

First off, Jessica Simpson has her legs in different positions in each picture which explains where her bootilicious ass went off to. The second, of the God-awful pastic surgery is obviously a doctored photo of the already bloated face of an otherwise actress fresh out of surgery, as the swelling goes down I am sure she will look great.

What upset me was that I even cared enough that I thought these things out. Yikes! Or maybe I am just on a crusade to right those who have been publicly wronged through libel.

I bought a new wine for the M.A.C. party we were going to as well.

I did my laundry and hung out at Coffee Bizaar and then headed home. This song came on and I thought to myself how exciting it would be to spend winter up in Cali.

I really love this song. I don’t think I had ever heard it until that drive, I quickly bookmarked it and took a photo (what a loser haha) and eventually bought it.

That night we played Pictionary with a bunch of M.A.C. people and their guest.

Everyone was awesome, I had a blast. I was the only one who tried my wine, well Seth took a sip. I really liked it. It is a $32 bottle of wine which is a pretty good price for a decent wine. I got it for half price, w00t! When I figure out what it was called, I will put it up here.

I had an absolute blast with these people. The night otherwise went downhill, sadly. I dropped Seth and Loren off and headed back home where I fell asleep with my laptop in hand trying to write in my journal.

While driving around town I heard an ol’ favorite of mine. Oddly enought it happened at 11:11, which is my time. I somehow always check the time at 11:11 AM/PM, never seems to fail that I know when it is 11:11.

Great song, especially one so to play at 11:11.

I had a great conversation with Michael Danbomb and Landon today. Landon called me at home tonight, what a great time that was. I really wish MIchael and I had been closer when I was in Columbia. We recently talked pretty openly about some things, too bad we waited so… Anyways, fun conversations, very real.

I got a raise today and it will be added to my pay for the past 30 days, how rock is that? So i get a raise for hours worked weeks ago. Awesome!

I need to write about my MySpace encounter, but later. I start school tomorrow (I think at 9:00 am!)

Gotta go, love you all


p.s. look at all this music!

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  1. Holy shit, it looks like there is a monster zit on my chin eating away at my bottom lip! That wasn’t there that night, did you photoshop it?! And what’s with taking our picture anyway, are you stalking me? Creepy…

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