Bang’n Good Time in San Francisco

I finally headed out to San Francisco to see Seth around 2:00 pm. The day got a slow start after getting home from work around 12:00. I had hoped to head to the city by 12:30 but alas, things got a little busy with errands plus waiting for Seth to call me back to let me know he still wanted/could have me over. I was nervous his work schedule might have changed this being the weekend of Labor Day. I got to listen to some Loudon Wainright (Rufus’s father) (how rock is that?) and I saw a truck from Springfield Missouri, totally thought about Jenny. Shout out! haha

I finished this really junior-high-school-girl shadow box for Seth. Not really a shadow box but definitely cheesey and cute. I am still thinking about a message it might send off but hopefully… Anyways…

And in the junior-high-school-girl frame of mind, I have a huge crush on Ryan Cabrera. He is so hot! haha, what a dork. I want his hair and his body’s not bad either haha. (so it is kinda weird that some family read my blog, but I guess if they keep coming back and there has been no intervention, my family just really understands me or whatever…) But shaw, like totally, Ryan is so cute!

Turns out Loren is already in San Francisco, Seth totally did’nt tell me this… It was great though, we all had “linner” at Dim Sun (that’s how it sounded, never saw the spelling). It was fabulous chinese food in China Town (corner of Grant and Sacramento). I actually got pretty decent parking just about two blocks (this was the weekend of great parking).

After linner we headed back to Seth’s. Loren gathered her things and we headed to Starbucks (imagine that) and got some coffee. Seth read off some fabulous concerts we can hopefully try to make and I got really excited when I saw the Decemberists concert! Jenny! haha

I am typing this up at work right? This guy we will call “Gasion 411” really annoys the hell out of me. He is just such a bastard to everyone. This is what I do on my lunch… I don’t actually “lunch”, I just either shop or work on writting my book.

At the bus stop I saw an advertisement for my new cellphone (which I love like a peach on-a hot day) and of course had to take a photo (with the very camera phone in question!). I really do love this phone though. It has great reception and battery life. Plus the camrea is really swell. I mean, it is nothin like a real deal digital camera but it gets the job done plus it actually has pictures you can decipher, some are super clean and clear, such as that one. It sometimes gets a little messed up with its exposure/lighting adaptions, sometimes pictures are kinda blue or washed out and low light sucks but that is how it is with almost any camera. It is not easy to get those shots. Even my 4300 had trouble at times with those situations, not to mention the other Coolpix.

So, Loren caught the bus to Santa Rosa, funny thing right? This guy rolls up in a wheel chair and has the bus driver setup the chair lift, etc etc. Normal right? Well, then the guy gets out of the wheel chair and tosses it onto the ramp and stands as he and the chair are lifted in… he kinda looked like a homeless person, as did his two friends, the two later got into a tussle as to who was going to make sure he got a seat on the bus… Yeah, don’t ask me.

We went to Circuit City and got Seth a new DVD/VCR Combo player, eager to watch a movie together in his new apartment. I love watching movies! I remember when god, like, three times a week Geoff and I would watch movies, eat ice cream and just have a blast. Haha, our ice cream was always a blast, pretzels, carmel, chocolate, ben and jerry’s, moose tracks, cookies, brownies… how the hell I not gain a thousand pounds?! I actually lost weight through all of that haha. Well, we actually cut down quite a bit on our normal eating so we could get away with it. Plus Geoff and I worked out nearly everyday for an hour or so.

So, headed back to his beautiful apartment and set up the DVD/VCR Combo player. It is a Panasonic open box deal and totally had Tarzan II in the DVD tray! I watched a bit of it today while Seth got ready to work.

whoa jumping ahead of myself!!!


So after that we had a little time together, talked etc, was nice to be just the two of us again.

Off to a M.A.C. party for Stephanie (promotion). It was in the Castro (gay San Francisco to the max) at this club called The Bar. We were totally V.I.P. haha. We walked passed the long line to get in and straight into the VIP room.

It was a small V.I.P. room but small rooms means closer friends. (literally)

I met just amazing people. Ian, Virginia (from France!) and her boyfriend (drawing a blank on his name), Richard (growl!), Sterling (beautiful!)… They were all so nice. Viriginia and her boyfriend both were in their fourties but I swear, they looked late twenties. I want to use whatever they have been using haha. They looked incredible. He is quite the hottie!

Victor was there, the M.A.C. designer, big wig kinda sort. He was wearing a Target Italia track jacket, I got a kick outta that. Mr. Style wears Target, guess I don’t feel so bad about my recent (ginormous) Target appearal purchases. (four of those track jackets actually).

We had a few drinks, started off with Champange, then a vodka collins and then a Sol beer (really good with the lime!). I totally ordered a Disorona Sour and got the Sol… quite different drinks but fabulous none the less. I think I was the only one drinking a beer, silly gay club. I had a great time at the club, did a little dance, made a little love and was a total social butterfly. It was so fun.

What next? We hopped onto the Bart and towards Seth’s place.

We went to this Italian restaurant near Seth’s place. It had such potential… the red wine had gotten a few too many breaths of air and the white wine sauce was a little too lite. Still, I enjoyed the company and ambiance.

Seth and I made the walk up the block to his apartment building and went to sleep. We totally forgot to watch Napoleon Dynomite! Oh well, we had other things on our mind. It was a really great sleep, solid and warm.

Woke up the next morning to move my car and found fantastic news… free parking on Labor Day! Back to his room and in bed for a little more sleep. We got up a few hours later and had a fantastic breakfast at The Crepe House. I remember when I made cheese blentzes (crepes) for everyone at this party host by Geoff and I at Landon’s house. It was such a gay affair, such a fabulous idea. Too bad it only happened once… wonder why that is? Was…

I had eggs benedict and my lordy was it good. Not quite my parent’s but pretty darned close. After leaving the breakfast, we made our goodbyes and I drove to work. Yick. There I was, typing this all out at work and now I am in bed, ready for tomorrow to be over with haha. Ready for a lot to be over with…

Lots more to write but sleep is most important!



4 thoughts on “Bang’n Good Time in San Francisco

  1. Wow I get too shout outs in one post! To what do I owe the honor? I am glad to see that you are having some great times in good ol’ San Francisco….Sorry you couldn’t meet up with my parents. They went to the mountains to stay in a cabin over the weekend. So you should come home soon….well to CoMO anyway…I miss you like crazy

  2. So I just realized how many gramatical mistakes are present in the previous comment…don’t make fun of me please!

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