Bar Hopping!

So tonight was a blast. We left the concert early, Emily, Lauren, Scott and I, and headed out to a really chic bar at the Millennium. I had a wonderful Amoretto Sour… then we head to Brit’s where I had a nice stout Scotish beer and then a raspberry vodka drink, a wiskey sour and two (essentially) watermelon sours. The watermelon drinks were my favorite, they give Sunshine a reason to be a bit jittery!

Here are pics!

That is Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell!!! How awesome is that?!

It is snowing here and just beautiful. Despite the pictures I showed early of the city, this place is very pretty

This is the inside of Brit’s, a fabulous pub.

Emily is in my arms, she is sooo mine tonight, w00t! haha

The final entrance to Brit’s. They tease you with like 5 different entrances before you actually make it to one that works haha.

The first Brit’s tease. This bar was so much fun! I met up with a guy that, for some reason, I knew the life story of. Well at least the past ten months. It kind of freaked him out but in the end he just starte talking to me more and asked me for some advice. I liked him quite a bit, a good fun guy. Straight but very cute and very fun.

I totally flirted hard core with this guy last night. He is so cute, even better in person, and just this sparkling personality. He gave me a copy of his cd which I am enjoying quite a bit.

Anyways, time for bed, catch you later friends!

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