Barn Party

Tonight was, as most of… shit gotta take my medicine, brb… Ok, I am back, done with that process.

Originally we planned a low-key night, just the roommates and Jim. Then all day long Jenny and I were bombarded with party talk. Apparently everyone thought we were having a party. For me to be bombarded is saying a lot as I mostly fear getting out of the house and being alone… So Jenny and I decided it would probably be easier to just have a party than to call everyone and tell them that we were not going to have a party.

So I start to tell people to come over and all that jazz. Jim and I go to the mall were I get a really fabulous oxford for $10.00 and three pairs of sunglasses. I never had sunglasses so I figured it was about time. I really like them. They are all very similar but at the same time different.

As soon as we got back to the apartment, I became aware that Nissa and Meghan really did not want to have a party tonight. I was pretty much OK with that, they went next door and we just chilled. We had only a few people over, not a real party, we hid in the house haha. Really though, we sat outside and had drinks talking about life and how things will be different soon.

It was such a beautiful night, a slight breeze through the cool air, it was completely pleasent. We decided to go inside and perhaps watch a movie, ordered some pizza and waited till it was ready for pickup. I went with Jeny to pick it up and decided to call Dave to see if he wanted to join us. He was going to this barn party with Justyn and Britany. He invited me and I went with them.

So there was a barn…

And a LOT of people there. No picture can really do justice to the number of people there, mostly straight too. I just absolutely loved it. There were just so many people there, it was fun to get lost inside of these different groups. I felt like an anthropologist, watchign and gathering information about these exotic peoples. There were a few times when a fight almost broke out, in fact the first one was with Rosa and some random guy who she swore stole Stephanie’s hat. Stephanie is completely beautiful by the way. Rosa kept telling the guy that she would cut him, which made me giggle inside because Andrew used to tell me that when he was still normal and nice… Oh well to that! haha.

ever notice how Omarion is still in B2K just without the same guys?

I met a ton of new people there and actually bumped into a few friends from the past such as Adam from my days at Wolper’s. He was Stephen’s best friend from high school. He looked great and seemed to be having a fantastic time. It is kinda odd how often we bump into each other at parties. Always quite diverse parties too.

People were beer bonging and doing shots and even mixed drinks, all made at a bar! I was really tempted to get something but I was of course the sober driver and honestly, I don’t need any alcohol right now. I did drink a little earlier but only one drink. I am definitely more sensitive to alcohol while on my slew of medications. Good and bad I guess.

I bumped into the hotness that is Dane while browsing the barn. He is doing fantastic and looked stunning, and straight hehe. He is such a really swell guy, all the people at the party really were though. Of course I did not meet them all, and there were a few trashy guys there trying to start fights and crap… But for the most part the people were just awesome.

I kind of wandered off from the group, somewhat with Britany, and headed towards the bonfire. It brought back so many memories of Bellville. Happy memories. We used to have “Stump Burning Parties”. Laugh if you must but it was a really great time. You cut down a tree, hopefully a sick one that was probably going to fall anyways, leave the stump about two feet high, dig it up a bit, light it on fire and sit around it with good friends all night long enjoying the conversation around the beautiful, crackling fire.

By the way, I am typing most all of this with my eyes closed so one or two of two tihngs might happen… I might type gibberish as I can’t see the keys and B, I might fall asleep typing this all.

We all found each other, turned out I knew a ton of people there and they all knew each other. Some made out, some held hands, some wandered, and inevitably, some pissed in teh woods… Around two in the morning the place started to clear out and it was not long before there were more cars leaving than staying. Nothing else really happened there, we packed up and headed off to Shake n Shake to hang out more with some of Britany’s friends. There were in town for a short period.

At SnS I bumped into Charlie and Michael and they friends. Those two boys are so attractive…. gar! I hate myself for not being thinner. I think that people would notice me finally. Oh well.

I dropped Justyn and Dave off at Gillett and then headed to Britany’s to drop he roff. We sat for about an hour or so talking, it felt really nice. Then back here, get cleaned up, take meds and post in my blog!

Tomorrow I go to Wheel of Fortune with Jim and maybe Andrew (crosses fingers). Ryan will already be there.

Well, nearly 6:00 am so I should get some sleep.

Much love! Oh and check out this fabulous song!

Alicia Keys – The Diary of Alicia Keys – Karma

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  1. i rarely have anything particularly exciting to say in notes, but i wanted to let you know that i’m reading and such. you are totally hanging out with pat sayjack right now, however you spell that. last night was fun, yo. i really hope you come back. justin = awesomeness and everyone thinks so, whether you believe it or not!

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