Basketball Court Ice Rink

This snow business is pretty weird.  It’s like walking on Styrofoam, and if you jump up and down, you can feel it shift below you… but it doesn’t really crack, it just kind of floats over a layer of water or ice, I’m not really sure.

It is really cool though, I pretty much love it.

Driving home tonight, I almost flew off a cliff.  Silly me, I took Rock Quarry home, quite the curvy road.  Not a whole lotta fun, but just before flying off the edge and meeting my maker… I was greeted by the headlights of an old Ford pickup, say an F250 from the early 1990’s.

A quick pump of the breaks and then a bit of acceleration and… I just missed both of my destinies.  Lucky me huh?

Got home though, saw the basketball court and though, wow.  So here you go!





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