Beer Pong with Scouts

Wow, it’s been a week now, I’ve gotten to be very bad about blogging.  Here is what happened LAST Saturday.

Chase called me to invite me to hang with him and Scouts members at Cory’s apartment to watch the game, drink and have a fun time.

Here are some pics to elaborate on the evening since… well after a few games of Beer Pong, my own BOTTLE of Cosmopolitan and a week, much of it has been forgotten.

Corey’s team kick our ass… Damnit! We sucked hardcore haha

Our failure to win didn’t quelch Chase’s enthusiasm.

And one last shot from that portion of the night, Lisa models for Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat.  After all that fun, she still looks beautiful.

That was my night out with Scouts and Co. drinking, playing and having a really great time.  Always awesome to make new friends and to make old friendships even more awesome.

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5 thoughts on “Beer Pong with Scouts

  1. Hey Justin – Yu got some good looking friends. Is that Cory with the music tat on his stomach? What does the full tat read?

    Peter Nehems last blog post…

  2. @ Peter Nehem:

    Yeah, I try to stay away from ugly people. All of my friends are beautiful people hehe.

    Corey’s tattoo says

    “Music Expresses That Which Cannot Remain Silent”

    Awesome tat

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