Behold the Power of Love

Currently: Celine Dion – All The Way… A Decade Of Song – The Power Of Love

I love this song, I love Celine Dion. She makes me happy, she makes me glad, through good times and those that are sad. She whispers in my ears, she belts a ballad to wipe away my tears. I am able to love because of her song and I know I will find love in not so long.

I don’t know why I keep rhyming things… It really is annoying. Oh well.

I do quite enjoy Celine Dion and especially with my new headphones. I was originally going to get Etymotic Research headphones, the E6i’s because they isolated sound and had an amazing frequency responce and were just fabulous headphones. I had owned the Shure E2c’s last year and was all but impressed… I bought them actually during Summer Welcome at Mizzou and well, yeah… They kept falling out of my ears (these are all in-ear-canal headphones) and the bass was just plain shitty.

Well, I can only get the Ety’s in Chicago, which I am going to soon, but I wanted something NOW! So with the help of my amazing friend Landon, he guided me through the amazing “mall” we call “The Galleria of Houston”, I found the Shure E3c which is the big brother of my old E2c’s. Turns out I was only putting them in wrong which is why they sounded not so hot and kept falling out. I have the E3c’s and I just love them!

I am going to get the Ety’s when I go to Chicago and if I like them more than the more expensive Shures ($149 vs $199) I will return the Shure’s at the Apple Store there. Otherwise I am going to keep these wonderful headphones. They are not perfect mind you, ergonomically, they pull on your ears when you turn your head thanks to their behind-the-head design. I think they will be really nice for working out. I cannot hear ANYTHING else beyond Celine as I sit at this Starbucks awaiting the arrival of Melissa which I was JUST about to compalin about (she is late) but I see her car driving up here as I type this. I am going to quit here and finish up later tonight. Saying my goodbyes will be sad but necessary haha (I feel like that is a Geoff saying, which is fabulous. Much love).

WCS, hope you get the new address soon!


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