Being an After Thought

It sucks… Oh well.

Cucumber meets a watermelon. They become great friends. Watermelon meets a cantelope and they become great friends. Now cantelope and cucumer are friends and the watermelon is stomped on by a hungry cow who eats the inside of the watermelon, leaving only a hollow shell.

Sucks to be that watermelon.

Sheila Nicholls – Wake – Faith

For some reason people insist that I own a “cheap/crappy” Kodak camera and a nice Nikon camera. In fact, I own a decent Nikon camera and nice Nikon camera. Neither one is super amazing and at the same time, neither one is crappy. I actually just LOVE my Nikon 4300.

I am actually looking at getting two new cameras. The Nikon 5600 seems to be a good throw-around camera and the Nikon D100 is a great semi-pro SLR, I would go for the D70 or D50 otherwise.

My only complaint about my Nikon 3200 is its slow speed, lack of manual featurs all together, short-distance-only flash but mostly its really slow charging time between flashes.

My only complaint about my Nikon 4300 is its size (a little bit on the thick size, though not wide or tall at all) and mostly its lack of a manual focus or TIFF/RAW file formats. I would have paid an extra $100 for manual focus.

On another note… I loaned out four oxfords, three dress slacks, one pair of jeans, one pair of cords, two pairs of shoes, four ties, two belts, three watches and one wrist band to John today for his photoshoot. I hope they work out well for him! We bumped into each other in the mall today, I was getting new contacts and he was getting new clothes, though he had no idea how to shop. “Gap has a guy’s section?”… yes, I know.

I really enjoyed being able to help him.

I thought Landon and I were doing dinner at 8:00 pm last night, turns out it was for Thursday night. My hopes were all up too…

I am in such a photography mood… what can I take pictures of?

Sitting with Landon today was a lot of fun. We had good talks and I really enjoyed my green tea. It was a bit sweet but good none-the-less.

Walked out of Panera to find a Range Rover, Land Rover, Defender. This is my brother’s favorite car. Though no longer legal to import into the United States, you still find some 1990’s Defenders around.

We got to drive one at the Range Rover training course in Colorado, this thing is amazing.

Anyways, skipped any real food today, I will pick up where I left off yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Goin’ to talk to Brittany, ciao hotties.

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