Black Kat Club

Wow, so we had an absolutely awesome time. I headed to Seth’s to pick up my passengers and while there, Loren did me up in gothy makeup. It was so fun. We were all different people last night, like how fun is that? For a night we were all a part of a subculture comprised of the depressed, the saturnine and the impassioned. Jason and his friend Amanda (?) joined us as well.

So I totally never wear makeup, occassionally I would do a little eye liner for SoCo, however last night was another story. YOu can’t see it all in this self photo, but I had just awesome makeup on. Seth works at Mac (the most amazing makeup by the way, every cent of their Viva Glam series goes straight to HIV/AIDS patients to help them pay the bills to help them live comfortably!) and has probably every possible shade and glimmer and texture possible in every application possible.

Loren did my makeup. It was so fun haha. Too bad you could’nt be there and get a closer look haha. I am so weird, shut up! LoL! You just don’t even know. 🙂

So ever watch gothic people dance? I totally felt like I was in one of the Matrix movies. If you wanna see how they dance, watch any of the three Matrix movies, 100% accurate haha. It is just completely whatever you want to do. People were dancing like praying manti or stomping and climbing the air.

Basically we just pretended we were on drugs and danced how we figured drug addicts high on something would dance. Of course we were drug free (the only way to be!).

We met a few really awesome, and completely non-goths just like us there. Three guys actually, all completely beautiful and straight haha. One of them I did not talk to (he was getting his thing on with Tracy). The other two were just completely emo-hotness. Not even emo, hemo. I kept having to remind myself to keep my mouth closed. 🙂 We are going to go visit them next time we are up there, hopefully.

The lighting was just fantastic at this place. Blacklights like crazy of course, but also fiber optics all over the place, two stories, awesome bar (it is an 18+ club) and the weirdest music ever!

If you have an open mind, and want a fantastic time, perhaps an excuse to wear fun glamorous makeup and get a few peircings, you just have to go to a goth club. We did not get back to Santa Rosa till 6:00am and I just got home around 8:00. What a night!

Now I am off to get a little more sleep and then off to work at 1:30.

Love you all, party like a goth! tee hee

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