Black Snake Moan, etc

Black-Snake-Moan-Ticket.jpgSaturday night I hung out with a friend, we went to see a movie. We had been debating on Zodiac and Black Snake Moan. Ultimately, Samuel L. Jackson won us over.

The movie is essentially a story of a nymphomaniac in love with a guy with extreme anxiety who decides to join the army to fight in Iraq.

Well, after a few people rape Rae (Christina Ricci) and one leaves her for dead; Lassitor (Samuel L. Jackson) picks her up and does his best to bring her back to health, to life.

Best way to do that? Wrap a chain around her dainty waist and disallow her the option to leave; until he has cast the devil from her body.Black Snake Moan Poster

It’s a great movie. It is funny, dramatic, moving and exciting. Beyond the great acting on Christina Ricci’s part (she sure can play a white trash nympho) it was the singing and blues guitar playing of Samuel L. Jackson that won me over.

And yes, he does sing every song and play the guitar for this movie. I’m buying the soundtrack as soon as I get the chance.

After the movie I headed to the mall with Jim to exchange a shirt at Express, picked up a few things and got ready to hit up Shattered for 80’s night.

Typically I would say no to Shattered but I have been in the mood of change.  I ended up having a really great time at Shattered, which surprised me quite a bit.  Maybe because people weren’t pushing me to dance?

In a mood of change, I went through my closet and have pulled out around sixty items to give away or sale to some place like Maude Vintage.

I really just have too much clothing, and much of it doesn’t even fit.  I have a lot of STUFF and getting rid of some of this stuff and have begun to feel bogged down by the amount of stuff I have filling my bedroom in my apartment.

Once I get into my new place, this won’t be such a deal but either way, a clean, more minimal situation I think will brighten my outlook on life.  Looking back to when I lived in California, I notice how minimalistic I lived.  I didn’t have a ton of clothes, just one computer, really no television, a bed and dresser but a tiny closet… Some places I lived I didn’t have a desk, a bed, a room at all even.  I lived out of a suitcase for a few months, out of the trunk of my car.  But wow, I never felt bogged down.

So… Got rid of a ton of clothes and am looking forward to cleaning out other shelves and dressers and of course… buying new stuff haha.  I need smaller jeans and shirts (yes!) anyways!

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