Blast From the Past

I had a great time with Jena today. We met at Katy Mills Mall, had a nice time. Met her new boyfriend who I totally have known since fourth grade and did not remember for like the first 10 minutes.

I hung out with Bret, Natalie, Joe and Trina and Meredith tonight. We went to Denny’s for HOURS. It was fun, nice to catch up. If only Ruth and David could have made it. Either way it was a good time.

It is really late, I am really really tired.

Strikes and you’re out.

How do I tell people things, private things? I wish I had the friendship Geoff and I had back in Graham… I need that with someone but with who? All signs point to…

Meanwhile, my car is really clean.

Ok, so I am off to bed. Goodnight those who are there. I am thinking I want to map out my recent past and my almost present future. Maybe people would understand me more.

Shake my hand, embrace me.

Ambassador of Peign

One thought on “Blast From the Past

  1. your car looks delicious…..I don’t know if you can describe a car as delicious but I am so back off!! Hopefully your map will point you in the right direction. Don’t forget about leaving a stop for me somewhere.

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