Bleh bah Dalin

So we went to the Bob Dylan concert last night… for about five songs. The poor guy just can’t talk, way too many drugs I suppose. We were both pretty disappointed, however, it did allow us a trip to the mall to listen to one of his older CD’s that is just awesome. We got some Starbucks which was wonderful as always, looked at some books and I browsed some movies and music.

I really want to get the movie Elizabeth and French Kiss. They had the latter for $19.99 (way too much for an older movie) and the prior they only had as the History Channel documentary.

I found out about three new artists last night.

Charlotte Martin – On Your Shore

Lucia Micarelli – Music From a Farther Room

Skye Sweetnam – Noise from the Basement

I will investigate these three and let you guys know some more. Charlotte Martin has a free sampler cd at Barnes and Nobles. I picked it up and can say that she is probably buy-worthy.

What can I say? I really love beautiful, talented female artists! Girl Power!

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