Blind Ambition

I found out about a week ago that I could soon lose all ability to see in both eyes within a few years. Turns out I have an “intercellular bacterial infection”. This infection seems to have taken a liking to my optic nerve and cornea. Luckily, we caught it before it did too much damage as I still have vision, albeit not the best vision. Right now my vision is 20/800, a year ago it was 20/600. So, while it wasn’t very good to begin with, now it [i]really[/i] sucks.

The medicine they have me on is pretty rough on my system. Let’s just say that eating isn’t such a good idea… I have lost about 5lbs this week, here’s to that! LoL!

I am trying to keep positive about all of this, though it is kinda hard seeing (pun not intended) that my future could be bleak, literally. Etymology fun, bleak is actually an accidental mistranslation of the Germanic blæc which meant “black”. So there!

Anyway, I have a lot more to post about, lots of great things have been going on through all of this mess.

I will post about that at a later point.

Time to shower up after the gym for a date, whoop!


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