Boobs are Bigger

That is what Callie just told me… well, her’s are bigger.  I swear, Katie and Callie should have a breast-off… who has the best bust?  It is pretty damn close!  Good thing she is coming to Columbia with me hehe, well, hopefully!  LoL!

So last night I crashed around 6:30 (ish) and did not wake up until around 5:00 am!  I guess I needed it… especially for the day I had, today (awkward right?).  I also text messaged “Come in in thirty minutes” to Lindsay, double awkward eh?  I worked from sometime before 7am until sometimes after 7 pm.  I freaking loved it.  I clocked out and… kept working (just doing merchandise organization (siren’s eye)) for a bit.  Why do I do this?

Matt, Bethany told me to talk to you about my Starbucks habits, haha, that’s when you know you have gone too far.

I have been really loopy today, I think it has something to do with me not drinking coffee and going straight to the herbal-decaf teas at work, holy hell.  I am in love.  We have such a great variety, though I would not recomend the Ginger tea.  Boooo on it.

Ok, this is pointless, it has taken me way too long to type this, so many distractions.  Cute boys, cute girls, jasmine tea and typical Aroma’s.

Ciao loves


2 thoughts on “Boobs are Bigger

  1. Hey Snookums. I really did enjoy our talk today. I hope you had fun tonight and sleep well. Sweet dreams and pleasant wakings, whenever you finally get to bed.

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