Strike Up the Band

I am absolutely falling in love with Panic! at the Disco. I am unsure that I have been this excited about a band since Keane, perhaps even more so than Keane and simply cannot get enough of them. The song, Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off < click to download is an awesome song from this group. I can really “dig” the beats, choruses and electronic adventures PatD brings you. I seriously have played their cd like thirty times since I bought it.

Callie and I worked out today, it was so much fun, it felt wonderful. It is incredible to think that last night I was crying and all depressed and today, after a steak and a good workout and a smoothie (ok, lots of and[s]) I am feeling much better. My eyes are better, new contacts, my headphones are working again (?). Last night my Shure e3C’s just crapped out on me, it was very sad and I am more than ecstatic that they are back in line and pumping music from my iPod into my head. I really like 24Hour Fitness, nice equiptment and a pretty large staff. Two complaints.

1. Horrendous lighting. The lights are those really gross flourescent ones featured in Baptist Church gymnasiums, makes everyone looks sickly.

2. No private showers… Um, I have never been good with public nudity. Actually, I am really bad with it. LoL, I thought about bringing a shower curtain with me today, instead I just hurried through the shower. My plan now is to do my workout, switch into a swimsuit, rinse off and then head to the pool for about thirty and then rinse again and head out. This will keep me from having to be all naked in front of strangers, or worse, people I know, and I will not be all sweaty and icky while I drive to school/work.

You have probably noticed that my blog has become a bit psycho, changing its design everyday and all that such. I am just trying to figure out everything, moving some stuff around, cleaning out my templates (way too many) and plug-ins (even more of these) so that my blog will be faster and easier to read. Who needs a crazy layout and design right? I will wait on that once I get to posting more often and get my readership over 5,000 a day.

Right now I am hovering around 3,000. Since moving my site over to Dreamhost, I have gotten 354,951 hits, that is Tue, Jul 19 2005 at 7:07 AM to Tue, Feb 07 2006 at 12:56 AM (202.74 days). Averaged out, that is 1757 hits everyday, course when I started my blog here, I was getting like no hits, on my old host I only got about 500-1,200 hits each day, amazing what having a true “.com” address will do for your blog!

Lindsay is on her way over here, yay! I am going to work on a new post with pics and such. Love you!

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  1. Ok, I finally sat down and read through your journal. I love that you got excited that I was coming to visit you! I had fun with you today! See you tomorrow night!

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