Breaking Knews

SO this is breif, more later when I am not running from place to place… ahhh!

At the SRJC computer lab, there was a lost and found for pictures… how crazy is that?

I got a raise, and it is retro-active, w00t!

Classes are totally messed up. I lost seven hours of classes yesterday, added three, yikes. Need to find four more hours or so.

My XM Radio is being weird. When ever it plays the song Cool from Gwen Stefani, the FM Modulator fails. At 10:10 the “ST” (which says whether the radio is in stereo and the quality of the reception) is completely gone, or flickering. After this song was over, The Killers had no trouble playing…

Right now I wake up at 6:00 and leave for Santa Rosa around 8am, I get home around 11:00 pm. Sleep is something I just don’t get much of these days… argh. I need to figure that stuff out.

My grandfather is coming up to the house today with one of his handymen. My house is not nearly as clean as I would like it to be but I just don’t live here enough to make the house a home.

Ahhhh! I need more sleep and I need some socks. It is cold out here! haha.

Really must go, howdy you all, the dear readers from Texas and beyond.



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