Breath w/ Ease @ SoCo

I have been running at max power all week, wearing me out I say! Last night though, after my math exam, I had some fun.

Saw Justin Short for a bit, a short bit. Then home where I watched this incredible movie, Breakfast on Pluto. What a fantastic movie.

Breakfast on Pluto
Ian popped on by, we finished the movie and headed out to the Berg. It was a friend’s birthday there, her 21st. It was a good time indeed. Off to SoCo where we found ourselves at last call and drum roll please… a smoke free club!
What a difference it made for the club to be smoke free. I left there, not coughing, not smelly and not sick feeling. What a change. I am so happy they passed the smoking ban in Missouri. All those people against it… they annoy me. Some of my friends didn’t want this ban, citing their freedom to smoke. But does a freedom to smoke over power a freedom to breath fresh air? If the clubs would install some serious ventilation systems, perhaps their patrons could continue to smoke.

Smoking is not required for life, it in fact puts your life in danger. Not smoking does not hurt you, in any way. So that argument that it is your right just doesn’t fly. You can still smoke, just not inside of the club or restaurant. Besides, anyone knows that smoking gives you bad breath, no guy will want to kiss you at SoCo with nasty breath when clean breath is just around the dance floor. Smoking damages your taste buds, covering the flavors of the food that you just paid to enjoy.
I saw a few friends there, not too many though.

Today I am going to try and deal with my computer, maybe just buy it out right some how… Ugh.

I have lost the charger for my digital camera some how. I was hoping that I could drive around town and campus and take some pictures of the turning of the leaves and the beautiful blue skies… Darn. If I can get that Nikon D80 soon enough, I will be back in business, otherwise… Boo to that eh? So for now on, until I get the new camera and/or a new charger, all my pictures will be scanned art type. Like what follows below. What do you think?
Autumn Leaves015

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