Broken Ribs and DVD Burners

So my psychologist appointment today went well, it is obvious that I am doing much better these days. However, she was concerned with all of the coughing and grunting (haha) and sneezing I was doing during our appointment so she sent me to make an appointment with Pam Sharp again. Yes, again.

I went to the triage nurse first and she did some tests on me, we think I might have broken some ribs and that is why it hurts so much to breath. How awesome is that? I am going back at 11:30 for perhaps x-rays but at the least to see Sharp.

My “online boyfriends” have been odd recently. One of them has been pretty sad, or at least it seems so. His real life boyfriend has not talked to him in like four or five days. My other boy has not emailed me back in days and that is really unusual. I do hope he is ok.

I went to Target today and bought some new, cheaper, headphones for my iPod/Laptop. I got them on recommendation from Micheal and they don’t upset. They are by no means anything like my Shure’s but they get the job done, and if I lose them it is only $20, not $200.

I also went to Best Buy and bought my DVD burner. It does dual layer DVD’s and burns at 16x, it claims it can burn a full DVD (single layer) in six minutes. That is really fast… not sure if I can believe it but we shall see! I plan to backup all of my DVD’s and then send the originals home to my parents. I actually bought this though so that I could make copies of some of my grandmother’s production DVD’s. These are ones where she or my mom or one of their chefs were on like the Today Show or from other video projects they have done, commercials and what not.

Anyways, I am going to get some brunch.

Love to all,

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